A familiar genre piece is invigorated by strong cinematography and the Norfolk setting… The Goob‘s title refers to the lead character, a young and wandering youth fresh out of school who’s played by newcomer Liam Walpole. He rips of his school uniform at the beginning of the film in victorious celebration of finishing school and escaping into […]

Unfriended Poster

Chrsitian Robshaw sits down with the often impressive Unfriended… Found footage is a dying trend in 21st Century horror, and good riddance to it. It’s ugly, distracting, contrived, and somehow, from Blair Witch through Paranormal Activity to Cloverfield, the protagonists are unlikeable even as characters in horror films go. Fortunately though, Unfriended isn’t a found footage […]

Mad Max Poster

Christian Robshaw takes a look at the latest Mad Max instalment… After a thirty-year gap since the last Mad Max film, the original director and co-writer for the whole series, George Miller, returns with a new instalment that is possibly-a-sequel, maybe-a-reboot; in the tradition of cheap, over-the-top trilogies like Leone’s Dollars, Romero’s Dead or Sam […]


Hey all, just putting out a reminder for those of you who play ‘Mr Rumsey’s Who’s That? Quiz’. As always, the answer will be going up at the end of the month, but for those of you who missed the earlier post about this and wanted to make a guess, then cast your eyes up […]

Snap Shot

Snapshot postures as social commentary but is devoid of both depth and political zeal… Our right to privacy in this media centric world is one of today’s most important and pressing social issues. We need art to reflect our fears and concerns but this story of a photographer who captures a candid photograph of the First […]


Today I grabbed a few minutes with actress Charlotte Spencer to talk about her role in the new film Bypass. You may know Charlotte for her roles in Wild Bill and Glue which recently gave her a BAFTA TV nomination. Now she is starring opposite George Mackay in this poetic look into an often overlooked side […]


Today we have Ukrainian musician Anton Baibakov in to say a few words about his involvement in the new digital remaster of Vertov’s classic silent documentary The Eleventh Year. The social documentary will be screening as part of a festival called Documenting Ukraine which will feature nine screenings, Q&A sessions and discussions on modern Ukraine and the country’s cinema. This festival will be the international premiere of […]


Today we have actress Alia Raelynn in to chat about her role in the new indie film Misogynist. Alia plays the role of an oppressed and regularly degraded woman who a misogynist sex guru parades around as an example of how women like to be hurt. It’s a tough role to play in a film which […]


Blood, guts and jump scares abound in this predictable but fun indie horror… Pernicious tells the story of three attractive women who venture out to Thailand in order to teach English to young children. However education doesn’t seem to be at the forefront of their minds because as soon as they have moved into their […]


Moore excels in this complex and chilling take on disease and the human condition… There are no easy answers in Safe. When Carol (Julianne Moore) begins to start experiencing violent allergic reactions to an unknown stimulus her doctor is both clueless and unsympathetic. He tells her she is making herself sick and passes her on […]


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