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And last month’s silhouette was: Scrat in Ice Age! So this month proved to be a little easier for a fair few of you compared to last month’s extremely difficult entry! Congratulations to the following: Abbiosbiston Cinema Parrot Disco Committed to Celluloid Digital Shortbread Drew’s Movie Reviews Irscriptwriter The Marckoguy The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger And […]


Today Film 4’s FrightFest released their largest ever programme of Short Films and it includes three different strands with a total of over thirty shorts. Alongside shorts by directors including Karen Gillan and Amber Benson and starring people such as Johnny Vegas and Billy Boyd there are also many shorts from around the world and six […]

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Mystery and danger fills the lives of those looking for their missing friend in Tofiq Rzayev’s latest short… In this short film a friend is sent a strange text message by his friend which simply reads ‘Find Me’. Moments later his friend’s panicked girlfriend calls to say that he has disappeared after a row broke […]

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Christian Robshaw Reflects on Short Sighted Cinema’s HACKNEY… “After the sell-out screening last year, Short Sighted Cinema heads East once more to present an evening of short film inspired by the buzzing borough of Hackney. From Hoxton Hipsters to Dalston Darlings, we invite you to join us on a cinematic journey through the neighbourhood; meet […]


Julianne Moore and Kristen Stewart excel in this loving and poignant portrait of Alzheimer’s… Playing equally well as both a depiction of tested familial bonds and as an investigation into language, humanity and identity, Still Alice is an emotional and intellectual success. Perhaps unsurprisingly the film’s strongest element is Julianne Moore given both her Academy Award win […]


Film4 FrightFest 2015 announces guest line-up plus reveals festival trailer Today the highly anticiapted FrightFest 2015 have announced their latest guest line-up which includes Barbara Crampton, Rick Wakeman, James Cosmo, Toyah Willcox, Neil Marshall and Bernard Rose who will be attending the festival. We at Rumsey’s are going to be covering some of the Festival later this […]


Audacious, stylish and bloody, The Guest ignites, parodies & worships its thriller genre in equal measure… When a family receive a knock on the door they open it to a handsome and well mannered man (Dan Stevens) who tells them that he served with their son in the military before he was killed. The welcome him in with open arms, […]


Here is the Spectre trailer we have been waiting for… It’s been a funny few months recently; as an avid Bond fan I am of course eagerly awaiting the next instalment in the series, especially so because of how far the bar has been set by 2012’s Skyfall.  However as excited as I was about […]

Cemetery Without Crosses

Today Arrow Academy brings us a new 2K transfer of the classic western Cemetery Without Crosses (aka The Rope and the Colt) by actor and director Robert Hossein. This deconstruction of the American Western is a dark and brooding tale of revenge that in many senses reaches even murkier levels of amorality and ambiguity than many of the darkest Spaghetti […]


Michael Winterbottom sets noble goals in The Face of an Angel but falls drastically short… Taking the Amanda Knox murder case story from 2007 (in which Knox was accused of murdering her flatmate Meredith Kercher) Winterbottom attempts to turn its tragic elements into a discussion on love, perspective and the contradictions and foibles of the press. His ambitions […]


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