Christian Robshaw takes a look at this Macbeth inspired chiller… If you think prison is brutal, spare a thought for poor Vivian, a young offender sentenced to help out on an all-con production of Macbeth in middle-of-nowhere Michigan. Nightmare! But it gets worse from there: the has-been director of the project is haunted by a […]


In her fifth feature film Jamie Babbit fixates upon life in a Californian town where nothing seems to happen — nothing good, anyway. Attracting an impressive cast of almost exclusively comediennes — Natasha Lyonne, Judy Greer, Molly Shannon and Aubrey Plaza — the film regrettably misuses the talent it has been afforded by stranding them in a […]

Today we are very pleased to be able to welcome Jamie Babbit to the site in order to catch up with her about her new film Addicted to Fresno, starring Judy Greer, Aubrey Plaza and Natasha Lyonne. Jamie has made a name for herself as both a writer (But I’m a Cheerleader) and as a director (Gilmore Girls, The […]


Fassbender’s Macbeth paints bloody swathes across the raw Scottish wilderness… Blood certainly will have blood in this ferocious adaptation of Shakespeare’s play in which brooding menace often gives way to a vicious violence, regularly soaking the sky and land in deep crimson. This is a sparse adaptation which sacrifices a considerable amount of dialogue in favour of lingering shots of […]

Good People Poster

We find Good People to be an unimaginative and disposable genre piece…  Roger Ebert, in his review of the forgotten thriller Narrow Margin, popularised the term Idiot Plot to refer to any film which only works because its plot relies on every character being an idiot. Since then it’s been thrown around a lot, often without […]

Blunt Force Trauma

If you thought the Fight Club guys were insane, imagine if they had brought guns to the fight… Blunt Force Trauma opens with two men preparing to fight in a pit. Only they aren’t fighting bare-knuckled, instead they are armed with high-powered pistols and wearing only a bullet proof vest for protection. Facing off against each other Western style […]

Grace fo my HEart

Here’s your chance to win this classic 90’s movie… Featuring a dazzling stellar cast, a stunning soundtrack and Martin Scorsese as executive producer, Grace Of My Heart hits all the right notes as it charts the inspirational story of a female singer-songwriter’s struggle to make her mark in the dynamic American music scene of the […]

Sophie Hyde

We are very pleased to be able to welcome director Sophie Hyde to the site today in order to talk about her film 52 Tuesdays. We loved the film here at Rumsey’s (review) and have already had the chance to sit down with its star Tilda Cobham Hervey (interview) so we are delighted to be able […]

In the Dark

Those demons are rum old sorts, the way they’ve been wreaking havoc in the multiplex and on DVD for the last five years. Anyone would think there’s some beastly plan afoot to take over the world and usher in the Apocalypse by desensitising people to possession via popular entertainment, or something convoluted like that. I’ve […]


Here’s our take on the ten most interesting looking films which reach UK cinemas this month… We here at Rumsey’s are really excited for this month, there are a lot of very promising looking films from Shakespearean epics to gothic romance and of course Bond’s return to the big screen, October is looking very good indeed. […]


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