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Here’s my take on the ten most interesting looking films which reach UK cinemas this month… Last month panned out pretty well for films. Yes the public and critics alike were split on Jurrasic World but there were strong entries such as Slow West and Blood Cells to make up for it. We also had Spy which exceeded […]

Closer to God Poster

Christian Robshaw finds Closer to God to be an earnest sci-fi horror, even if it’s occasionally silly … When I was offered the opportunity to review Closer to God, I was immediately drawn to it because a glance at its IMDb page suggested it might resemble the fascinating, flawed cult classic Splice and, if I was […]

Mr Holmes Poster

Despite McKellen’s best efforts this Holmes story neither greatly thrills or moves us… We’ve had a fair few Holmes adaptations over the years, and maybe I’ve become too accustomed to Cumberbatch’s portrayal of the sleuth but a Holmes who is broadly amiable doesn’t really ring true to me. There are a few biting examples of […]

Who's That Poster

And last month’s silhouette was: John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan) in The Green Mile! There is no doubt that this was a tough one. I was pretty confident that I would have to start providing clues for you all in order to get a few correct guesses, I had even started writing them out. But then one person […]


Today we have a rather interesting guest for you. Grigorij Richters is here to talk about his new asteroid disaster film 51º North. We talk about how it began, how it first attracted the attention of Queen guitarist Brian May and then how people like Stephen Hawking took an interest and helped make today (30th June) […]

Slow West Poster

A true Western which feels fresh whilst staying rooted in its genre’s hallmarks… It’s a funny thing to me that so many critics are describing Slow West as being a reinvention of the western genre. It’s not. This isn’t a neo-western like the Coen’s No Country for Old Men or Amirpour’s recent vampire western A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. […]

Short Film Mondays Poster

Today on Short Film Mondays we are featuring a short by director Pauric Brennan. Pauric has had his work reviewed on the site before¹ and now has approached us to ask if Rosen Bridge can be put before all of you! I think the film generates a lot of hugely effective atmosphere, making it more than […]

Appropriate Behaviour 2D O-Card

Appropriate Behavior is one of the funniest and freshest comedies we’ve seen in years… Desiree Akhavan writes, directs and stars in this New York comedy about an Iranian bisexual woman who is trying to come out to her parents whilst recovering from a recent split with her long term girlfriend. New Yorker stories about the quest for self-acceptance […]

hayley squires headshot

Today we welcome Hayley Squires to the site as the last but not least in a string of Blood Cells interviews. Hayley is an actor and playwright who is here to lend her thoughts on playing the primary supporting character in this new hard-hitting British road movie. Read on for our interview… Could you initially describe the […]


An ambitious and well performed rom-com which exceeds its genre’s conventions… Playing like a blend of Annie Hall, Before Sunrise and Interstellar, Comet boldly strikes for fresh and exciting ground. We follow a girl (Emmy Rossum) and a boy (Justin Long) as they meet, fall in love and then battle love’s trials and tribulations, so far so average. The […]


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