He comes from afar but takes his name from a location in London… As promised here’s another clue as to the identity of this month’s figure. Nobody managed to guess who it was when I said that ‘it may not be human, but I wouldn’t be afraid of it’ so hopefully today’s clue may help […]


Farce, politics and gender dynamics are blended together in this Polish classic… SeksMisja is arguably most famous for somehow escaping the censors during Communist rule in Poland, and even with a very limited knowledge of the period, it’s easy to appreciate how impressive a feat that is. There is enough commentary on communism and totalitarianism […]


It may not be human, but I wouldn’t be afraid of it… Now this month’s figure seems to have stumped all of you so far as I haven’t had a single correct guess come through. Therefore I’ve decided to give you all a clue (above) to help you along the way. If in a few days […]

Aqueela Zoll WT6

You may remember me chatting with Sadie Katz a while back about Wrong Turn 6 (here), well now I’ve sat down for a bit with her costar Aqueela Zoll to chat about the film, horror in general and more… read on for our interview! Was it the franchise’s history which particularly drew you to the […]

Fear Poster

The other half of my Fear interviews is here! A couple of days ago I interviewed the star of the short, and now it’s time for me to talk to the director – Steve Kahn. Read on for our chat about horror films, the experience of being afraid and how to combat it…Hello there, how […]


Today Jessie Rabideau joins me for a quick talk about her recent short Fear. You may remember reading my review of the film recently where I was particularly impressed by its bravery and ambition. Naturally I wanted to find out more about the process and thinking behind the short and so took some time out with both the […]


That title tells us everything we need to know… the ultimate Bond villains are finally back! Whilst the title leaves little to the imagination regarding who our villains are going to be in Bond’s next offering, it does an awful lot in getting every Bond fan’s heart racing. It’s been a long time since we […]

Beth - Coda

Somewhat compelling at times, but this mid-season finale was severely underdeveloped… This has been an interesting season for The Walking Dead; it started out extremely strong for a good number of episodes and seemed to have a very clearly defined path and narrative which it was pursuing at full speed. Then somewhere along the line […]

Who's That Poster

Inspector Clouseau from The Pink Panther! Wow this one stumped an awful lot of you! Clouseau was only guessed by four of you, most of the rest of you went for Sherlock Holmes which may have been a cunning bit of misdirection on my part…. Anyway congratulations to everybody who guessed correctly! Here are the […]


A competent, but somewhat disappointing lull before next week’s storm… The Walking Dead‘s penultimate episode before the mid-season break is a little underwhelming due to a bit of wheel-spinning and weak character writing, but ultimately it still manages to remain fairly entertaining. It’s good to be back with the main gang again. It’s felt like […]


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