Board to Death

An inventive and playful short that mixes seductive noir with… What immediately hits you when you first sit down and watch Board to Death is how well it has nailed the noir atmosphere. In black and white a smoking and possibly dangerous dame plays mind games with her volatile husband. She spells out the names […]

Andre Semenza

Today I’m very pleased to bring you this interview I conducted with André Semenza (above right) about the new dance film Sea Without Shore. The interview also has the input of his wife and co-director (above middle) Fernanda Lippi and goes into some detail about the process behind crafting this hypnotic and powerful film. Read on […]


Arnie pulls out all the stops for this ‘human’ zombie movie… Arnie’s new film is the emotionally laded Maggie; a zombie movie which focuses it’s attention on a father and daughter relationship during the apocalypse as the daughter slowly succumbs to the zombie curse. The plot of the film seems intriguing enough, but what’s really interesting is that as rumour has […]

Under the Dark Wing Poster

Under the Dark Wing is an ambitious short film but it’s also a critically flawed one… I often get sent short films by directors who have lots of promising ideas on display in their short but who have failed to remember that they are not making a feature. Short films need to be succinct. They need to stand […]

Sea Shore

Agonisingly raw in its depiction of lost love, this dance film casts an intoxicating spell… It’s rare to find a film that so uncompromisingly refuses to tame its wilder side in order to pander to the masses. This isn’t for everyone. Not simply because it’s a dance film but because there is no real dialogue […]


I wouldn’t recommend going on holiday with this guy… All month people have been telling me that they have no idea who this silhouetted figure could be and so, as promised, I’ve provided you all with a clue as to their identity. If no-one has managed to correctly identify the person in the next few […]


Blue Dream is a fairly affecting short, but one feels more depth could have been achieved… It’s interesting to see a documentary short film which is ambitious enough to not only tackle the story of a young cancer victim but also to try and encapsulate its subject within a matter of minutes. Given the grand […]


The Sam Rami produced remake gives us a new trailer (complete with cheesy voice-over)… It has to be said that Poltergeist is one of the upcoming remakes which has really divided opinions amongst horror fans. The problem is that no matter how fun the new film may be, few people really believe that the original […]

Deborah Twiss Image

Today I am joined by director, writer and actress Deborah Twiss. Now you may recognise her as Kick-Ass’s school teacher but what you may not know is that she has been amassing a hefty back catalogue of impressive work in a real range of genre films over the years. Today she is here to talk […]


This charming rom-com blends philosophy and sociology with humanity and wit… In many respects Her is as standard a rom-com as they come. The story is the familiar one of boy meeting girl, except that in this case the girl is a piece of intelligent software that the boy has downloaded. It’s an unconventional love […]


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