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We’re not ashes… The Walking Dead is back on form after last week’s somewhat disappointing episode… well mostly. There was a lot that worked well here; the decision to make the slowest episode so far of this season be centered on two fan favourite characters was a wise one. As was locating the episode in […]

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I joyously salute this space adventure for both its bravery and intelligence, despite it’s unfortunate flaws… There are many out there who are ripping Interstellar to shreds for reasons such as its flawed internal logic and its ambitious nature, and some of these criticisms are just and I’ll duly address those. But those who are […]

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Secrets are spilt as our gang’s fate grows ever darker… Well, this episode was an interesting one. I don’t object to Abraham and Eugene being fleshed out as characters per se, however I think that it could have been handled better than it was in this episode. In order to feel the full weight of […]

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An atmospheric and poetically charged study of fear, perception and the human mind… Here is an excellent example of exactly what a short film can achieve if it tries hard enough. The condensing of as wide a subject matter as fear may seem daunting, but this short hones in on the exact and pure feeling […]

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Everything has its price… So, we finally know where Beth is and we have also seen the darker side of those who hold her. As always in the zombie apocalypse, they start off seeming benign, only to then turn out to have a not so pleasant side to them. Not that I have a problem […]

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  Sloth from The Goonies! Congratulations to everybody who guessed correctly. This one certainly drew all sorts of strange and wonderful guesses from you guys! Please give a big hand though to the following six people who correctly identified Sloth. Cinema Parrot Disco Hard Ticket to Home Video (Brian) irscriptwriter Mediocre Batman Ssluder2 Thom Robinson […]


This slow burning, sensitive and intelligent rape and revenge thriller hits harder than most… Handgun (aka Deep in the Heart) is a rare film in that it is a non-exploitative rape and revenge thriller which actually has a political and artistic agenda. In many respects this film is more a comment on America’s gun laws […]


If you start out as the cattle, you’re gonna wind up being the butcher… Well this episode brought those cattle/butcher allusions to a head in what, looking back on it now may have been the most satisfying way possible. Things are moving fast on The Walking Dead, and some people are going to start having […]

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Bob says that nightmares end, but here they only ever seem to deepen… Turns out that this episode was pretty much exactly what I wanted to see after last week’s action packed premiere. Things have slowed down somewhat for the characters here as they try to catch their breath, and that was most definitely needed […]

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Hey all, just putting out a reminder for those of you who play ‘Mr Rumsey’s Who’s That? Quiz’. As always, the answer will be going up at the end of the month, but for those of you who missed the earlier post about this and wanted to make a guess, then cast your eyes up […]


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