Christian Robshaw reports on FrightFest’s slasher offerings… One horror subgenre that hasn’t enjoyed even a slight vogue recently is the slasher, laid permanently to rest by dear, departed Wes Craven in Scream. After that thorough deconstruction, the only slashers that crawled out were a couple more clever-clever – but not actually that clever – Scream-alikes, […]


Christian Robshaw looks at the home-invasion trend at this year’s FrightFest… One major trend over the last five years or so of horror films has been the home-invasion thriller, in which an upper-middle-class family is terrorised for no good reason by ne’er-do-wells, a classic nightmare. The plot set-up can be either non-existent, as in The […]


Christian Robshaw continues his review of this year’s FrightFest… Last year’s FrightFest had, as its opening night triptych, suspense thriller The Guest, followed by violent exploitation film Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, followed by tongue-in-cheek creature feature Zombeavers. It wouldn’t be exactly accurate to say that this year’s opening night was modelled on […]


Christian Robshaw reports on this year’s FrightFest… Your dogged correspondent has just returned from five days’ watching horror films in Leicester Square, and believe me, I took no personal pleasure in it at all.* In fact, so disorienting was the whole experience that I imagine it’ll be weeks, perhaps a full year, before I can […]


Here’s your chance to win this celebrated masterpiece… Wojciech Has’ cinematic universe of byzantine sets, hallucinatory images and galleries of grotesque characters is brought to life in his psychedelic masterpiece The Hourglass Sanatorium. Adapted from a collection of short stories by Polish-Jewish writer Bruno Schulz, and funded by the Polish Arts Council, this beautifully re-mastered edition dispenses with traditional […]


Here’s your chance to win this exceptional cult classic… Described by world famous filmmakers Luis Bunuel and David Lynch, and rock star Jerry Garcia as their favourite film, legendary Polish director Wojciech Has’ psychedelic epic The Saragossa Manuscript is a mysteriously magical and sometimes disturbing 1960s cult classic like no other. Adapted from the highly […]


Here’s your chance to win this stunning classic… Federico Fellini’s most sumptuous and dark production, the daringly visual and imaginatively designed Casanova is renowned as one of the greatest films of the 1970s. Celebrated for its production values, costume design and Nino Rota’s haunting score, Casanova charts the nobleman’s search for happiness that leads his road to tragedy. Breaking through the […]

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And last month’s silhouette was: The Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz! Congratulations to the following who all guessed this figure correctly!: Abbiosbiston Le Cinema En Rose Cinema Parrot Disco Committed to Celluloid Digital Shortbread Drew’s Movie Reviews Irscriptwriter The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger The World of Jenny Pugh And now onto this month’s […]

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Here’s your chance to win this moving war documentary… The Battle of Arnhem was part of the Second World War’s largest airborne operation. Allied troops were sent to seize eight bridges in the German-held Dutch territory. The task was tragically overwhelming, and enemy forces soon overcame them. Of the 10,000 Allies dropped from the skies, […]


Today we welcome director Chris Esper to the site in order to grab a few minutes with him about his recent short Please Punish Me. We reviewed the film back in July¹ and we thought this was a good opportunity to learn more about Chris’ thinking when making the film. Read on for our conversation! Hello […]


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