Jamie Bernadette

Today we sit down with actress Jamie Bernadette to talk about her upcoming zombie movie State of Desolation. Jamie (The Bunnyman Massacre, Secret Children) has been very busy recently with a large array of exciting different projects. Although we didn’t have timeĀ  to cover them all here, we do go in depth about the upcoming […]

September 14 Header Cropped

Hey all, just putting out a reminder for those of you who play the ‘Mr Rumsey’s Who’s That? Quiz’. As always, the answer will be going up at the end of the month, but for those of you who missed the earlier post about this and wanted to make a guess, then cast your eyes […]

Matt Smith

This on again off again adaptation has just bagged the Doctor to help fight its zombies. I don’t really know what to make of this project…. As a fan of Austen’s novel I’m simultaneously repulsed by the idea of throwing zombies into the mix and excited to see the novel shaken up in what could […]

Darkness Regan

This highly anticipated Western has just achieved this success at the 2014 Underground Cinema Film Festival! This success is yet another piece of good news for a film which seems set to be both powerfully acted and strikingly shot. The film, which stars Emma Eliza Regan and Brian Gleeson, currently holds a score of 8.5 […]


This week’s Short Film Mondays features another film by Fabrice Mathieu after having promoted his In the Shadow a couple of weeks back. I loved that one for its simplicity and inventiveness and made contact with the filmmaker to discuss an interview for this site, so look out for that soon! As we talked he […]


Season 5 has unleashed new cast close ups for us a month before it begins its TV run. I’ve been a late comer to The Walking Dead, in fact I’m only just finishing up series four at the moment, but I’ve quickly become a big fan of the show and can’t wait until October to […]

Richard Kiel

Sadly Richard Kiel, a legend amongst Bond fans, has passed away whilst in hospital. I don’t like doing these posts that mark an actors death for a few reasons; firstly because how much can you really write without having known the person, secondly because they are damn hard to write and thirdly because all too […]

Ida Film Poster

Sublimely filmed in black and white, Ida‘s streamlined narrative is as bleak as it is sensual. Initially this post Shoah/Holocaust film seems set to be a bleak and solitary affair, and it is, fittingly so. But there are also beautiful depths to be experienced here, ones that are both sensual and haunting. For Ida is […]

light little girl

This week’s Short Film Mondays features a short which is incredibly simple but which, in my opinion, is all the better for it. The Light and the Little Girl is a meditative look back at childhood and by extension human nature. I’ve come away from it with a number of different readings and thoughts and […]

Amir Amirani

A couple of days back I posted about how I am currently helping to cover the Cambridge Film festival and posted an interview regarding Rogosin’s legacy of work. Today I would just like to draw you attention to the chat that Amir Amirani and I had about his new documentary film We Are Many. This […]


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