Walking Dead Strangers Gabriel Profile

Bob says that nightmares end, but here they only ever seem to deepen… Turns out that this episode was pretty much exactly what I wanted to see after last week’s action packed premiere. Things have slowed down somewhat for the characters here as they try to catch their breath, and that was most definitely needed […]

Figure -201410

Hey all, just putting out a reminder for those of you who play ‘Mr Rumsey’s Who’s That? Quiz’. As always, the answer will be going up at the end of the month, but for those of you who missed the earlier post about this and wanted to make a guess, then cast your eyes up […]

Meyrick Murphy

Hi all! Today I’ve managed to grab a few minutes with young actress Meyrick Murphy where we  found time to talk about The Walking Dead, Doctor Who and how her love of astrophysics is fueled by watching The Big Bang Theory. Be sure to read on for more… As a big Walking Dead fan I […]

No Sanctuary

The Walking Dead bursts back onto our screens in a blood soaked, explosive first episode… Well, I don’t think I expected that season opener to escalate quite as quickly and violently as it did! I was anticipating a drawn out battle of wits and violence across several episodes as the group struggled to free themselves […]

Tracey Birdsall

Today we have Tracey Birdsall in to talk about her upcoming movie Dawn of the Crescent Moon! We also find time to talk about her acting technique, working with screen legend Barry Corbin, her brave short film about incest and plenty more! Be sure to read on for more… Hi, thanks for chatting with me […]


Today we have the guy behind two of the recent Short Film Monday’s entries in to talk about his work. You may remember Dans L’ombre – a short film about a shadow trying to escape from his ‘wearer’, or indeed you may be able to think back to the short called Mémoires Vives which concerns […]

Jessica Morris BW

Today Jessica Morris stops by for a quick chat about some of her many upcoming films including Jamie Bernadette’s 6th Friend and On the Horizon.  You’ll most likely know Jessica from her role as Linda the teacher from Role Models and from 2012’s Reel Evil. Read on to see what she has to say… Hello […]

Tonya Cornelisse Profile

Today we have actress Tonya Cornelisse in to talk about her work in the theatre, on film and in audio books. We will hear about her latest movie The Wolves of Savin Hill, Sam Shepard’s Buried Child and about being stabbed with scissors! Read on for more… Hi there, thanks for taking the time out […]

Dark Yellow Melora

This week’s Short Film Mondays features the short film called Dark Yellow. At around half an hour long this short is considerably longer than the ones I normally post in this feature, but it really warrants the extra time with its high tension noir-esque style storyline and the great performances put in by both John […]


Sofia Coppola’s film verges on becoming as vapid as its celebrity obsessed subjects. I went into this film knowing that celebrity culture is vain and damaging, and after the credits had rolled I still knew that and hadn’t had any of my assumptions or opinions challenged, strengthened or really tackled at all. This film simply […]


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