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Chris Robshaw is back for this penultimate FrightFest review… Let me start this review by saying that I’m a big fan of the original Cannibal Holocaust; and that, perhaps if that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t be quite so critical of The Green Inferno. But then, this isn’t entirely my fault: Eli Roth has been […]

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The Driver/The Kid (Ryan Gosling) from Drive! Hello all! You’re getting this a day early as otherwise it’s going to clash with Short Film Monday’s tomorrow. I’m sure you won’t mind. This time around we didn’t get so many guesses as normal, perhaps the scorpion claws on the Driver’s jacket threw some of you… Anyway, […]

WOLF CREEK 2 movie poster -- exclusive image

Christian Robshaw returns as Rumsey’s FrightFest reporter to talk Wolf Creek 2… As a horror sequel – and, possibly, the second entry in an ongoing horror franchise – Wolf Creek 2’s job is rather different from that of the first film. Wolf Creek spent altogether too long introducing its characters/victims, and slowly building tension, before introducing […]


An intense and confident  trailer for Whiplash is causing us all to really sit up and take notice. I’ll admit, until yesterday this upcoming film had slipped under my radar. I don’t quite know how it had as it stars J.K Simmons alongside Miles Teller, and looks to be like it’s something that would interest […]

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Rumsey’s FrightFest correspondent Christian Robshaw reflects on Wrong Turn 6… Wrong Turn is the longest-running ongoing horror franchise, a fact that probably says more about horror franchises today than it does about Wrong Turn, a series whose basic premise draws from better horrors such as Deliverance, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes, […]

Undead Marilyn Matt Busch

In many ways it is easier to list the properties that today’s guest hasn’t worked on, for his CV includes Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, RoboCop, Lost, Battlestar Galactica and Reservoir Dogs, to name but a few. He also crossed over to the music industry having worked with people such as […]

KateBush LineCC

Few people other than devoted fans are going to like it, but it has its own charm. Today marks the day Kate Bush is returning to the stage after thirty five long years away. As a devoted fan I thought that of all days this would be a good one for taking another look at that […]

Water Song Poster

This week we are going to be taking a look at Water Song, and entry in 2013’s Imagination Series: ‘Water Song is one of five different films from the same script. As part of Bombay Sapphire’s Imagination Series, Oscar winner Geoffrey Fletcher wrote a script stripped of any stage direction and asked people to imagine […]


The news has broken that the 24th film in the James Bond franchise is looking to cast a villain who is so unusual and different that they will become instantly iconic. This is an interesting step for the franchise to take. It’s in keeping with Skyfall‘s embracing of the past and of what is thought […]

The Bounty poster

This review is part of Forgotten Film‘s 1984 blogathon. This blogathon is nice and simple, over 100 bloggers shall be covering films that were released in the year 1984. You can find out more details as well as the list of films covered here: With its excellent performances and engaging moral dilemmas The Bounty […]


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