Today we welcome actress Emilia Ares Zoryan to the site in order to discuss her latest movie: The Dark Tapes. In this horror anthology Emilia leads one chapter as a cam girl who may be involved in more than what first meets the eye…. Read on for our interview: Hi Emilia, many thanks for taking out some […]


A sparkling Austen adaptation which is as playful with Austen’s text as it is reverent… It’s requires a certain boldness to integrate your own humor into Austen’s work, and quite a level of skill to pull that trick off successfully. Thankfully writer and director Whit Stillman is as brazen as he is in command of his […]


There’s a good chance that you’ve already heard that Adam Wingard’s just directed a new Blair Witch film, the lazily entitled Blair Witch, and this should really come as a surprise to no-one; after recent cash-ins on the goodwill attached to names like Halloween, The Thing, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, The […]


Embrace of the Serpent was Colombia’s entry into the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 88th Academy Awards, proving that for director Ciro Guerra the third time is the charm. His first unsuccessful submission happened to be his very first feature, the 2004 drama Wandering Shadows, and the second in 2009 for The Wind Journeys. Guerra […]


Théo and Hugo, two young gay men, meet in a Paris club, have sex, and fall in love then and there. On their way home between the hours of 0427 and 0559 Hugo discovers, much to his consternation, that Théo wasn’t using a condom, while Théo discovers much to his consternation that Hugo is HIV-positive. […]


Hurricane is the brand new short film from Christiano Dias, an experienced short film director who has managed to fit 20 writer-director credits under his belt in the span of a decade. His latest puts a humorous spin on anti-Communist sentiments running rampant in 1950s America. It tells a darkly comic tale of a couple, Oslo (Corey Page) […]


Traditionally, the fifth day is when festival fatigue starts to set in. When the final film for the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights can begin as late as 2355, it means that, by the time it’s finished and you’ve taken public transport from Shepherd’s Bush to Islington, walked home, brushed your teeth, undressed, et cetera, […]

Blood Feast

Short Film Showcase Two The second of the short film showcases was really something astonishing to behold; I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a brilliantly-curated programme of shorts. It started off in stylish yet not entirely convincing fashion with “Francois”, before hitting its stride with “No Touching”, a Buffy-recalling short built around the inimitable […]

Master Cleanse

For the most part, Saturday was the big day for this year’s FrightFest, which is exactly what you might expect. Several of the most anticipated screenings of the festival took place and, for those who were unable to book five days off from work to watch horror films, it was also the most practical day […]


The Chamber Day Two of FrightFest kicked off, for me at least, with The Chamber, an entry in the “trapped” subgenre that also includes Open Water, Adrift, Frozen, and Landmine Goes Click. In all of these films, a small group of people begin to turn on each other as their nerves become frayed by the […]