Some Like It Hot – Review (Spoiler Free)

Some Like it Hot Theatrical PosterToday marks the 50th Anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death and so it seemed appropriate to review what is generally considered the best film from her catalogue. Some Like It Hot is a screwball comedy where two musicians (Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon) have to avoid an Al Capone inspired gangster mob. They achieve this through cross-dressing and joining an all female band whose singer is the beautiful Sugar Kane (Marilyn Monroe). They then inevitably have to compete for her affections whilst still trying to keep up their disguises and blend in amongst the other women. I haven’t got too many bad things to say about this film, it has its negatives but they are pretty small and don’t really harm the film. It is absolutely worth watching, not just as a classic piece of cinema but also because it is a really enjoyable and endearing film.

Perhaps the biggest problem I have with this film is the opening twenty minutes; it’s fun to see Curtis and Lemmon together but the dynamic hasn’t slotted into place yet. It’s not until Monroe’s character enters into the picture that the film really takes off with each of the lead actors superbly playing against each other. Once it starts it’s great, it’s just that it takes a little too long to get there. That section can be roughly marked out as the middle and it is definitely the strongest, the final section does lose a little of the edge that it had, but only in places. It’s still a lot of fun but is perhaps less sharp and tightly constructed.

The film’s central conceit that Lemmon and Curtis can pass as women is so ridiculous and fun that it carries the film from the moment they dress up to the closing credits. Monroe as I have indicated is excellent in her role; definitely the best version of her dumb blonde persona, she manages to charm us and gets us to care for her character despite the negative stereotype. Something that is really highlighted here is her flair for the comedic; not only keeping up with Lemmon and Curtis but being an integral part to the trio and thus to the success of the film.


  1. Great post I really need to watch this again

    1. Thanks, it is such a fun film that it deserves to be re-watched multiple times!

  2. theburningbloggerofbedlam · · Reply

    Your review’s pretty on the mark. I’m not big on Curtis and I think Jack Lemmon does the better job of it. I agree with you that this is the best version of the classic Marylin ‘dumbed down’ persona; though actually, I don’t know if you’ve seen ‘The Seven Year Itch’, but I think it’s a better film.

    1. No I haven’t which is ridiculous considering how much of a Monroe fan I consider myself to be, I haven’t heard that said about it before and so that’s interesting. It’s on my to watch list though and so I’ll bear in mind what you’ve said when I come to watch it.
      Have you seen ‘The Misfits’? I think it’s Monroe’s greatest performance, but the argument that she plays herself in film roles is ramped up to the max for that one. It’s certainly worth checking out if you haven’t already.

      1. theburningbloggerofbedlam · · Reply

        Right, well that’ll be on MY list then.

    2. Cool, that’s good to hear. I hope you enjoy it, that film has a load of additional baggage that makes for some interesting reading after you’ve watched it.

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