Ontopic Reviews – Our Own Greatest Films List

As you may be aware, Sight & Sound recently compiled a list of what leading film critics considered to be the greatest films ever made. Thomas Priday from Ontopic Reviews is now compiling a similar list composed of votes submitted by us bloggers (or anyone with a Gravatar account), so if your interested in participating then head on over to his sight and read the full post here.

Here are the rules, copy and pasted from the site:

Anyone can enter, and these are the rules:

  • Each person will have one vote.
  • Each person will submit a list of ten films (in no or alphabetical order) that they believe are the best ever made. Try to make the lists have a good mix of favouritism and filmmaking quality; unless you really think a film like Transformers should be on the list, try not to put it in. Equally, don’t just put Citizen Kane because it is the greatest technically if you didn’t get a sense of satisfaction from it.
  • The lists should be submitted as soon as possible, because the voting will close in a couple of weeks.
  • Submit the list to my email address – thomaspriday@hotmail.co.uk.
  • Even though each person will submit a top 10, I will post more films than that depending on the number of votes, sort of like the Sight and Sound List (http://explore.bfi.org.uk/sightandsoundpolls/2012/critics/). I will also use the same format as the Sight and Sound List – like so:

1 – Pulp Fiction (34 mentions)

=2 – Some Like It Hot (29 mentions)

=2 – Blade Runner (29 mentions)

4 – Dumb and Dumber (23 mentions)

Again, the lists submitted should be alphabetised, so don’t worry about ranking them.


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