Short Film Mondays – Goodbye Mr Snuggles by Jonathan Hopkins

The idea here is to find a new short film every week; give my opinion on it and perhaps any interesting facts, and then really welcome comments, interpretations and even recommendations. Unfortunately, they often don’t get as much attention as feature films do and so I thought, and hopefully you will too, that it would be interesting to highlight a different short film every week and over time we should get to see a decent range of films.
Anyway, without further ado…

Goodbye Mr Snuggles:

Spoiler filled discussion:

So I thought that I would try to find something a little different this week, but where do I start with Goodbye Mr Snuggles? Well firstly I love the fact that we are given absolutely no back-story to this what so ever. In fact the film’s ultimate joke rests on the fact that we don’t get to find out the history and character motivations which set these strange events into motion. It’s completely disarming which of course brings in most of the humour, but it also strikes me as a rather brave decision. I can see why it would frustrate some people, perhaps they would argue that it is meaningless, or at least nothing more than a joke (although there is nothing wrong with that). To an extent I agree with them, but I also lean towards interpreting this film as one that rather cleverly draws our attention towards its actual medium. By removing the 1st and 3rd acts that we normally would expect, it almost forces us to confront what is missing and discuss the nature of narrative and our expectations as an audience. Perhaps you think that I’m taking this too far? That perhaps it’s just a humorous little film and that’s it?  Well I agree that it’s funny, in fact I really love this short; its bizarreness, its bravery, the little western touches and the fact that it completely caught me off guard, makes it possibly my favourite of the Short Film Monday shorts so far.

But enough from me, let me know what you think in the comment box below.

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