The Top Five Bond Girls

Today I’ll be ranking who, in my opinion, are the top five Bond girls from across the 22 official films. In order to make things a little easier for myself I’ve only included the women who are Bond’s allies, it’s a fairly common way of interrupting the term ‘Bond Girl’ anyway, and it will stop people such as Xenia Onatopp from appearing on both today’s post, and on tomorrow’s greatest Bond villains list. Just to note that this list describes the five characters who I think are the best, and not those who are my favourite; if that were the case Tatiana Romanova would absolutely be at the top of this list – as it is she doesn’t feature at all below. It’s a distinction that I thought was important to make.

Anyway, here’s my list:

5. Melina Havelock (Carole Bouquet) – She’s an independent woman who rather than just being a pretty companion for the duration of the film, is one of the few Bond girls to actually have any true depth and character motivation. Her primary goal during the film is to seek revenge for the murder of her parents, as opposed to just sleeping with Bond. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, and when she does, she uses her awesome and extremely deadly crossbow to dispatch of bad guys – this alone makes me a pretty big fan of her. Whilst I would rather there wasn’t a romantic connection between her and Bond at all during the film I suppose it was inevitable, it would have improved her character even more to have remained impartial but there’s enough here anyway to ensure that she makes this list.

4. Solitaire (Jane Seymour) – Solitaire starts off as a powerful tarot card reader with the ability to read the future, this position makes her able to strongly influence decisions made by her boss, the gangster called Mr Big. However when she is tricked into losing her virginity with and by Bond, she loses her powers and therefore has her life threatened by her boss who now sees her as both worthless and as a betrayer, therefore she has no choice but to team up with Bond and help him complete his mission. Although reduced to the helpless cliché Bond girl type, Solitaire is so very sympathetic because we have watched Bond diminish her to that position.

3. Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress) – Like Connery is for the Bond actors, Andress is the woman whom every new Bond girl will inevitably be compared to. She makes this list not only because of her classic status, but also because of the strength of her character; she has several admirable characteristics but her ability to take revenge against her rapist marks her out as notably independent and capable when compared to most other Bond girls. She’s clearly a very memorable character, and she receives a couple of small additional bonus points for being the original.

2. Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) – A smart and complex character, Vesper has to make to some tough choices and never turns to Bond for help. She comes across as very human against Craig’s tough Bond interpretation, and in fact wears him down into an actual person rather than the action man figure he had become. Eva Green gives one of the best performances in the franchise, presents a multilayered character, and makes a strong attempt to steal every scene that she is in, all of those reasons plus others make Vesper one of the absolute best Bond girls of all time.

1. Tracy Draco (Diana Rigg) – She’s the best thing about On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, well perhaps second best after that awesome instrumental theme song, but regardless Rigg gives a great performance as Tracy Draco–the only girl that Bond ever marries. This character takes us in a completely unexpected direction, mixing an emotional core into the heart of the film amongst the more typical fire fights and quips. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service itself divides my opinion, and I wouldn’t place it in my top five films, however Tracy’s character and Rigg’s performance leaves such a lasting impression that after much deliberation I have decided to place her in first place. Ultimately it came down to her performance being just marginally better than Eva Green’s in my eyes, and therefore just about tipped the balance in her favour.

Also here are my suggestions for three future Bond girls, there are a lot of great candidates out there but I just thought it would be fun to collect a couple of my favourites:

3. Anne Hathaway – She’s proven herself as being able to handle action scenes in both Get Smart and The Dark Knight Rises, and so perhaps Hathaway may be the actress who finally can give us a satisfactory action style Bond girl. She’s certainly popular at the moment and I can’t see any reason why she shouldn’t be strongly considered for the next film.

2. Melanie Laurent – I have this article to thank for suggesting Laurent (here), and after seeing her in Inglorious Basterds I have to agree. She seems pretty perfect for the franchise, and is perhaps the most sensible suggestion out of the three due to the common practice of casting lesser known actresses rather than extremely well known ones like my other two suggestions.

1. Marion Cotillard – One of my all time favourite actresses, Cotillard would just be fantastic as a bond girl. The main issue that I can see people having against her however is her age, I personally think that would be ridiculous, after all she looks stunning and is still younger than Craig himself. Also, she’s the same age now as Honor Blackman was during Goldfinger and so I can’t see any real reason why she shouldn’t play the next Bond girl.

Thank you very much for reading through my list, type out any thoughts below and don’t forget to vote on the right hand sidebar.


  1. Great article! My favorite is Eva Green, but I haven’t seen enough Bond films to be able to get a very good list going.

    Also, where do we vote? I don’t see anything in the right navigation?

    1. Thanks Andy,
      At the time I posted this article I had a poll running where I asked ‘What the best Bond film was?’, Unfortunately that is now over. I understand that looking back on the article now it seems as if I had a poll running on the Bond girls, but it made sense at the time.
      Thanks for commenting!

      1. Ahhh, I see. I was a little late getting to the article haha

    2. 🙂 No problem, I didn’t properly consider how that line would look once the poll had come down, haha.

  2. Hate to just throw the disagreement out there first, but I cant stand Melina Havelock. Ugh. LOL

    To each their own though, the other four are all solid. I have Eva Green’s Vesper Lynd at number one, I think! (I have to finalize my own list still 🙂 )

    1. Completely understand about having Vesper in first place, she very nearly wound up there on my list too.
      Sorry to hear that you don’t rate Melina, but as you said, to each their own. I wondered whether people would react badly to me including Solitaire, but it seems that people agree with me ranking her so highly!

  3. Great list. Cannot agree more with your comment on Eva Green’s excellent performance. For Diana Rigg at No. 1, I can except that with your fair compliment although I myself would put Eva as No.1 since On her Majesty Service is not a very excellent Bond film comparing to Casino Royale.

    1. For sure Casino is the superior Bond film, but even so Diana Rigg is fantastic in OHMSS. Glad to see that you love Eva Green’s performance though, she was such a good casting choice!

  4. Great list. Cannot agree more with your comment on Eva Green’s excellent performance. For Diana Rigg at No. 1, I can accept that with your fair compliment although I myself would put Eva as No.1 since On her Majesty Service is not a very excellent Bond film comparing to Casino Royale.

  5. The Burning Blogger Of Bedlam · · Reply

    Eva Green all the way!

    1. It was a tough call choosing to place her second below Diana Rigg I’ll give you that. They are both fantastic! Cheers for stopping by.

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