The Top Five Bond Villains

Today I’ll be ranking the top five Bond villains from throughout the 22 official films. Obviously there were a large amount of possible candidates but I’m confident in my list.
Check it out:

5. Jaws (Richard Kiel) – A large number of blogs that I’ve read place Jaws at the top of their lists, or perhaps just one place below Blofeld, and whilst he is clearly iconic and I agree that he’s very good, I can’t place him in the top three. As entertaining as he is, I personally would have enjoyed him even more if he wasn’t often used just as a source for comedy, but then again perhaps there’s no other way to present such an inherently ridiculous character. Despite that though I do thoroughly enjoy Jaws, he’s a lot of fun and encapsulates the feel of the series at that time; where in many ways you just had to embrace the ridiculous.


4. Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen) – There was no way I could write a post about Bond villains without including Xenia Onatopp, she’s makes for one of the more memorable characters on this list by being the femme fatale who derives sexual pleasure from killing people. I’m not sure how this character doesn’t ruin GoldenEye by being ridiculously over the top but somehow it works, and Janssen is fantastic here.


3. Red Grant (Robert Shaw) – It’s Robert Shaw everybody, he’s awesome – how could he not be on here? A slightly more serious answer for why he is the third best villain in the franchise would be; because he is both physically and intellectually Bond’s equal. He may only be a henchman but he steals every scene that he is in, and also gets to take part in my all time favourite Bond fight sequence. Long story short – he’s great.


2. Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Donald Pleasence, Telly Savalas and Charles Gray) – Surely this one doesn’t need an explanation for being so high up the list; he’s what Moriarty is to Holmes, The Master to The Doctor, Blofeld is the classic villain in the franchise. It’s slightly harder to take him seriously since Austin Powers gave us Dr. Evil, but still he manages to remain as a great, and very watchable villain.


1. Alec Trevelyan (Sean Bean) – The darkened mirror image of Bond is played excellently by Bean, earlier I said that Red Grant was Bond’s equal and whilst he still is, Trevelyan is perhaps even more so. As a rouge ‘Double O’ agent Trevelyan inhabits practically all of Bond’s traits, and is made even greater than he already is when you know that Sean Bean was actually considered to play James Bond himself. Seeing him in this role therefore has additional significance attached to it, and makes what was already a fantastic villain just that little bit better.

For fun I’ve also included four actors who I think would make great future Bond villains:

4. Alfred Molina – The guy is great in everything that he does, and what’s more has already proved himself as memorable villain in Spider-Man 2.

3. Noomi Rapace – I’ll admit that perhaps she is the wild card in this pack but I can really see her as a cold calculating Bond villain.

2. Viggo Mortensen – A fantastic actor who brings an intensity and integrity to his performances, I would love to see him square up against Craig’s bond in particular.

1. Christoph Waltz –We don’t even have to look further than his role in Inglorious Basterds, the man is made to be a Bond villain.


  1. Nice picks. I like Jaws, but I have the same problem as you do. I feel he’s just added as comic relief but he’s enjoyable enough to be one of the best.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad to hear that you agree on Jaws, do you agree on Blofeld not being placed first? It felt wrong not to put him there but obviously I had to go with what I thought.

      1. I’d probably pick him for first, but Alec Trevelyan’s great too.

  2. Jaws was a pretty nasty guy. Do you know how he got those teeth? He smashed up a terminator and ground up the pieces to mold into teeth. Really disgusting human.

    1. I hadn’t heard that no. It makes sense – I mean he is crazily strong, but still, taking on a terminator is one brave move.

      1. Yeah some humans are just fearless. This can either be rewarding or incredibly foolish if things go wrong!

  3. Hmm wow. Tough.

    The fact that henchmen and villains are listed together makes it really difficult. All the henchmen you list are on my greatest list… both of the “main” villains you list will be on my Villains list (later this week. But the crossover between the two makes ordering them a challenge!

    Lets say this, I love 006 as a villain, too, but I cant rank him ahead of Blofeld!!

    1. Ha, when I started this list, in some ways I wished that I had separated them out as you’ve done – just such a hard list to compose!
      Ah I hear you, placing Blofeld anywhere other than in first place was a tough call to make, but I just think Alec is awesome in so many ways, and has more dimensions to him than Blofeld ever did.

      Looking forward to that list of yours!

  4. moviewriting · · Reply

    Great post! I agree with you, Alfred Molina would make a fantastic Bond villain! I love him so much, he plays one of my favourite all time superhero characters. He’s great in other work too. Noomi Rapace would also be a good one!

    1. Thanks, I’m glad that you agree about Rapace – I just can really see her as a Bond villain for some reason. And yeah Alfred Molina is excellent; Spider-Man 2 remains my favourite superhero film and so perhaps he scores personal bonus points for that, but also he’s just consistently great in whatever film he is in!

  5. Great post, nice list of people who would make good villains. I agree with you about Rapace.

    1. Cheers Vinnieh, I don’t know why Rapace came to me. The others are perhaps more normal choices; perhaps it was the rather small amount of lead female Bond villains which caused me to try to think of a suitable actress.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. Xenia Onatopp does ruin GoldenEye, in my opinion. This character is so ridiculous that I couldn’t watch the movie to the end.

    1. Oh no it is very different for me, the bond film of my childhood which I watched over and over again!

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