Results – The best Bond film is… Casino Royale!

Well I can’t say I blame you guys for voting Casino Royale as the best of all the Bond films, it certainly is a fantastic entry. I was however completely shocked by the sheer number of votes that it received, it seemed that every time the poll updated it was yet another vote for this film. The results clearly demonstrate this with it flattening the competition by coming in with 47% of the total votes! Thanks again for another surprising result -it seems that I can never predict these polls at all. I was thoroughly expecting Goldfinger to sweep away the competition on this one, but I repeat – it’s nice to be surprised.

Look out for the next poll which will ask what film is the best in the Alien franchise, and that will be coming shortly. Thanks for voting, and read on for a summary of the results.

I have only listed the films which received any votes:

Casino Royale – 47%
GoldenEye – 13.33%
Goldfinger – 13.33%
From Russia With Love – 6.67%
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – 6.67%
Tomorrow Never Dies – 6.67%
You Only Live Twice – 6.67%


  1. moviewriting · · Reply

    I totally agree, I loved Casino Royale! Not sure if Skyfall has now taken over as my best Bond or not though, will have to have a think about that 🙂

    1. Skyfall is awesome but it’s not my absolute favourite Bond – certainly it’s in my top five though! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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