Results – The best Alien film is… Alien!

Fantastic! I was hoping that this one would win. Whilst I love Aliens, the original is just such a perfect film – everything from the cast to the visual effects is fantastic, and the atmosphere evoked is incredibly well handled. It’s quite possibly my all time favourite film –  certainly it’s up there with the best of them.

Aliens and Prometheus being ranked second and third place respectively suits me pretty well. There was never a doubt that I wouldn’t rank Aliens second, and I can forgive Prometheus its flaws well enough to agree with it coming in next. I still haven’t seen Alien vs. Predator – Requiem, does anyone out there think its at all worth watching?

Look out for the new poll in the right-hand sidebar, thanks for voting, and read on for a summary of the results:

Alien – 66.67%
Aliens – 25%
Prometheus – 8.33%
Alien 3 – 0%
Alien Resurrection – 0%
AVP: Alien vs. Predator – 0%
AVPR: Alien vs. Predator – Requiem – 0%


  1. Damn. Missed this poll.. Might have given resurrection one vote at least… But hell the first movie had to be the winner 🙂

    1. Glad that you agree on the first one. It’s nice to see Resurrection getting some attention as well, most put Alien 3 above it but I really dislike that film, regardless of the fact that Fincher directed it.

  2. I voted for Alien so I’m happy it won (Aliens comes as a close second). I’d probably rank Prometheus as third and have no idea how to sort the rest.

    1. Good to hear that about Alien! I reckon that I would rank the rest: Resurrection, 3, AVP – and then as I said above, I haven’t seen Requiem.

  3. I am shocked to my core, haha 😀

  4. kdoriginalkd · · Reply

    yah!! 😀

  5. moviewriting · · Reply

    I’m so happy that Alien Resurrection and none of the AVP films received any votes! They’re truely awful editions to the franchise. Alien is brilliant though, great poll!

    1. Cheers!
      Indeed they are awful, but I also include Alien 3 in that category… in fact I think that Resurrection and Alien 3 are on about the same level. Maybe Resurrection might even score higher in my estimation – but then that’s not saying much, they are both painfully bad.
      Do you agree? Or are you a supporter of the third film?

  6. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but yeah, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem is very much worth watching because it’s fucking hilarious, unlike Alien vs. Predator, which is just boring. I also have to say that I’m offended that you like Prometheus more than Alien: Resurrection.

    1. I rank Prometheus third because of Fassbender and the visuals, and then also to a lesser degree, Rapace. There’s an awful lot wrong with the film as we’ve talked about before, but then I think that Resurrection is also terribly flawed. The difference in my eyes is that whilst Resurrection has some good elements mixed with the bad, Prometheus has some great elements mixed in with the rest.
      Yeah I remember you saying that now… I guess one day I’ll get around to seeing it then.

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