Results – The greatest Christmas film is… a tie between Bad Santa and The Muppet Christmas Carol!

Bad MuppetWell that was an interesting poll to watch; at one point it seemed to only be between It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story, but somehow they were then left far behind and Bad Santa dominated the poll, before that was then eventually caught up by The Muppet Christmas Carol. It seems that the results of these polls often surprise me and this one was no exception; I expect Elf to do very well and it received very little attention, I hoped that It’s a Wonderful Life  would win as its my favourite, and I thought that Nightmare Before Christmas would receive at least a couple of votes but there you go, it seems that I have real trouble predicting you guys!

Read on for the results:

-Bad Santa 31%
-The  Muppet Christmas Carol 31%
-A Christmas Story 9%
-It’s a Wonderful Life 9%
-Die Hard 6%
-Elf 6%
-Home Alone 3%
-The Snowman 3%

Have a great Christmas all of you, thanks for voting and check back here soon for the next poll!



  1. Very surprising results, I have to say!

    1. They certainly are! Have a good Christmas buddy 😀

      1. Likewise. Hope you’re having a great one, my friend!

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