Tarantino’s Favourites – Guest Reviews?

Tarantio 50 Banner

Hey everybody,

I don’t know whether you’re aware, but it’s Tarantino’s 50th birthday on the 27th of March. I was thinking about celebrating it by having myself and a couple of other bloggers each write a review of one of his favourite films. I would then post each of the reviews during the day. This post is really me just testing the water as I’m aware that there isn’t much time to get work together (I only realised about this the other day). If you did want to take part then I would need your post by the 25th.

Let me know if you’re interested by contacting me on (mrrumsey@hotmail.co.uk) and I’ll let you know more details there.




  1. The Mighty Andraxxus · · Reply

    I’d be down for writing a review

    1. Great! Do you want to shoot me an email (mrrumsey@hotmail.co.uk) and we can discuss what film etc.

  2. theipc · · Reply

    I would love to but I already owe two people something long overdue : (

    1. No problem, I know that it’s very last minute. Thanks anyway buddy 🙂

  3. I can get you my review of Django.

    1. Thanks! I would really appreciate it 😀

    2. Hey buddy,
      If you could send me that Django review (email: mrrumsey@hotmail.co.uk) and I can then prepare it for when it goes out in the next few days.
      Cheers 🙂

        1. Cheers 😀

  4. I would but I still have one for Sci-Fi Week to do and a Scorsese review 😀

    1. No problem buddy. In the future with these things I’m going to give people more time!

      1. Yes time. Time allows us to plan for these type of things. Indeed. Haha no idea what I am typing 😀

        1. Haha 😀 It certainly does!

  5. Damn, I’m probably too late for this but I could contribute a review of Django, Basterds, or Kill Bill 1 & 2. If they’re any use let me know.

    1. Actually a slot has now become free and I would appreciate one of those. It would have to be either Basterds or Kill Bill Vol.2 as the other two are taken.
      Thank you very much!

      1. Kill bill 2 is fine with me man. I’d be happy to contribute with that.

        1. Great , thanks Mark! If you want to shoot me an email with it then 🙂

          1. Just done that man! If you need any alterations just let me know. 🙂

          2. Great! I’ll check it out as soon as I can.
            Thanks again.

    2. Hey Mark, Rebekah is requesting Inglorious Basterds. Is it OK to ask for the Kill Bill Vol.2 review from you? Let me know what you want to do 🙂

  6. I would love to write a review! Inglorious Basterds is my favorite film, even if it isn’t on Basterds, I would still love to do it. If you would let me?

    1. Hi Rebekah,
      I would love to have a review from you! I’ll just have to wait to hear back from Mark (above) and then we’ll know which films are free.
      Many thanks!

      1. Sounds great! Keep me posted, thank you 😀

        1. Hi,
          OK if you’re still good to write a review of Inglorious Basterds then it’s all yours!

          1. I am completely up for that! Is it just a review? in what form? etc and when do you need it by?

          2. It can be a straight review, or you can use it to talk about his other work, his development over time – whatever you want really!
            Unfortunately I need it really soon, and so if you can’t do it I understand, but I originally was asking for them by the 25th, as that’s tomorrow I can move it to the 27th. Are you able to do it?

          3. I will try and get writing tonight, I am pretty sure I can get it to you by the 27th, thank you for this opportunity! Should I email it to you?

          4. Sounds good. I should be able to get it to you by that time, thank you for the opportunity! Should I email it to you when I have finished writing it?

        2. No problem, thank you for wanting to take part – especially under such a tight time limit!
          Yep, if you email it to me on mrrumsey@hotmail.co.uk that would be great.

          1. I will try and get it done as soon as possible, I am slightly short of time at the moment, I do it though!

    2. Great 🙂
      I’m looking forward to reading it!

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