Alien Review (Sci-fi Movie Week) [Review by Mr. Rumsey]

Head on over to The Bishop Review to read my review of Alien. Then stay there and read all of the other posts on that great site!

The Bishop Review


He’s baaaack! Mr. Rumsey was kind enough to return and provide yet another epic review, this time of the classic sci-fi film, Alien. If you haven’t checked out Mr. Rumsey’s film related Musings, and all the cool posts that he writes, head on over after reading this. You won’t be disappointed, also, this review is awesome! Don’t you agree? 😀

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  1. Natalie P · · Reply

    Nice review 🙂 I really should get round to actually watching this…

    1. You absolutely should Natalie! It’s a great one 😀

  2. This film is awesome!

    1. It most certainly is! Glad that you’re a fan 😀

  3. Great review, it really is a terrific film. Awesome site bud, I am now following. I recently started my own film blog and would love for you to check it out.

    1. Cheers, it’s a classic for a reason!
      Thank you very much, I’m heading on over to your site right now.

  4. In my top 20 of all time favorites for sure. Just a classic, for horror as well as science fiction genre.

    1. Good to hear that you also rate it very highly!

  5. Victor De Leon · · Reply

    “Alien” is as near perfect as a sci fi / horror movie can get. It is a movie I hold in very high regard. “Alien” is a film I have never attempted to review because it would basically be a lovefest. Great job on the write up. Keep ’em coming!

    1. It’s a truly fantastic film! I think it and Jaws are two of the strongest, mostly perfectly scripted films of all time. (I was very happy to see that Jaws is your blog’s background, and that it’s you favourite film by the way!)

      Thank you very much, will do!

      1. Victor De Leon · · Reply

        Thanks for the follow! I appreciate it. I do love “Jaws” very much. It changed my life so to speak because it had a very profound effect on me as a kid. I never looked at movies the same way again after seeing that movie. “Alien” also had the same effect. Both were indeed powerfully scripted and executed.

        1. They both affected me in that way too! Although the first time that I saw Jaws (when I was a kid) all it gave me was what was to become a deeply rooted fear and fascination with sharks!

          1. Victor De Leon · ·

            Ha! That happened to me, too. I checked out just about every book on Sharks from my local library. I was the same way with dinosaurs, too, as a result of loving all those Ray Harryhausen films.

          2. I never got into dinosaurs, I started to but then I discovered Bond and everything else was soon forgotten!

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