Zombieland: The Series – Pilot Review (Spoiler Free)

Zombieland TV Series PosterSo, after being intrigued about Zombieland as a TV series for quite some time now, it felt good to finally get around to watching the pilot. Unfortunately, it went ahead and  killed any enthusiasm that I had for this series.

We are back with the same characters from the film; Tallahassee, Columbus,  Wichita, and Little Rock (although they are now played by new actors), and the script is penned by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who also wrote the original film – so we should be in a fairly safe place to start off with. However, the dynamic between the characters is missing, the characterisation of the group is slightly off – with the most obvious problems being with Tallahassee and Wichita, and the humour now falls flat and feels like a very poor imitation of the original’s.

Zombieland was always intended to be a TV series, and I for one think that  if handled correctly it could be very successful. The Zombie kill of the week joke from the film for example  is ideal for a TV show and consequently is one of the features carried over into this new series. I’ll give the pilot credit where it’s due; it does resemble the film in spirit, even if the end result feels much, much cheaper.

My issues with the show’s weak sense of humour and lack of excitement are things which, however troublesome, could be addressed in the future. I have to say though that none of the cast particularly impressed me either, the acting wasn’t up to a lot and that’s a far bigger problem for the show. You can find the pilot on Amazon Instant/Love Film, and be sure to head on back here and tell me what you think. If the series gets the go ahead though, I for one will be giving it a miss .


  1. That’s disappointing to hear. I haven’t watched the pilot yet but I was looking forward to seeing it. I’ll try to lower my expectations. Nice review.

    1. Yeah I would if I were you.
      There were quite a number of positive reviews on Love Film so perhaps you’ll agree with them instead – it did little for me though.

  2. Too bad it isn’t on the same level as the movie. It’s gotta be hard to replace the original cast and still have the same success though.

    1. I went in prepared for that, knowing that I had to set aside the previous performances somewhat. Still though, the poor writing and weak performances didn’t do much for me, even after I put away memories of Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson etc.

  3. That is a shame. I loved the film–but sometimes you can not duplicate that “magic” that happens with the right cast, writing and direction. You can try–but it is rare.

    Thanks for the heads up! Later. 😀

    1. No problem, it is indeed a shame – I think that a series version of Zombieland could be awesome, if only it was done better than this 😦
      My real worry though is that this pilot may crush any faint hopes of a Zombieland sequel.

  4. That sucks! Oh well, another TV series I can skip. There’s seems to be too many these days anyway.

    1. Yeah it’s a real shame. This had such potential.

  5. Natalie P · · Reply

    I always thought that this wouldn’t be as good as the film, sadly there’s unlikely to be a sequel if they continue the story in the TV show 😦
    Saying that, sometimes pilots are terrible but the series does pick up later so maybe there’s hope yet 🙂

    1. We can certainly hope that it’ll pick up, but I will remain skeptical!
      You never know, a sequel may still happen 🙂

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