Short Film Mondays – Mad Max Renegade by Paul C. Miller

The first Monday of every month is Short Film Mondays, and May is no exception. This time around we have Paul C. Miller’s Mad Max fan film, Mad Max Renegade! Check it out below:

Beware, there are spoilers from this moment onwards:

I am really impressed with this short. It successfully captures the feeling of the franchise, particularly the original film’s rawness. It’s length is ideally suited for what the story wants to accomplish; at it’s core it’s a quick chase as we expect from a Mad Max film (done especially well for a low budget short as well I should add), but it also caters to the fans of the series in giving us Dog’s origin story – which I have to say is a pretty great move in my opinion.

Liam Fountain may not look exactly like Mel Gibson, but that’s hardly a problem, and he does a decent job in the role of Max. His supporting cast also deliver and feel authentic to both the piece and the franchise that it’s celebrating. At first I hoped that the villains would become a little more over the top, true to form of many of Max’s enemies. As the film went on though, I appreciated it being toned down just a tad; the care that’s been put into this film speaks for itself and sells the world and its characters, we don’t need completely crazed drivers to remind us of what we are watching.

I think that this film really delivers on what it promises; it gives us a well made action short, it ties into the franchise in an organic way, and even provides a surprise at the end for fans. This review’s pretty free from any criticism because I truly enjoyed the piece, it surprised  me by far exceeding my expectations, and was a nice short bit of fun.

Let me know what you thought below by leaving a comment! Am I being to kind on this film, or are you with me?



  1. Natalie P · · Reply

    Interesting review. I haven’t seen Mad Max so I can’t really judge, but I’d agree that this was a fun short film.
    Nice to see that “May is no exception” 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Oh, you should definitely check out Mad Max! Especially the original – it’s not flawless but is a classic, and a lot of fun.

  2. Yeah not bad! Can’t wait for the new Mad max though.

    1. Oh man, I can’t wait either! It should be great 😀

  3. […] you over until 2014, Mr Rumsey’s Film Related Musings posted a nice little Short film called Mad Max Renegade created by Paul C. Miller, it’s about 9 minutes long and it’s a lot of fun so check it […]

  4. I’ll watch this later as I’m at work now but I like the idea so far. I’m excited for Mad Max: Fury Road with Tom Hardy too!

    1. Oh yeah, I’m super excited for Tom Hardy being in a Mad Max film!

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