And This Month’s Silhouette is…

mystery-figure - May

Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) from Pulp Fiction!

It seems that this month’s silhouette stumped a lot of you guys, and so a big congratulations to those who guessed correctly! Thank you all for playing this month and be sure to come back tomorrow for June’s edition!

Congratulations to:

Brian from Hard Ticket to Home Video
Committed to Celluloid
Film Police
Marked Movies
Natalie P
The Phi Phenomenon
The Punk Theory

I hope you all enjoyed this month’s quiz and that you’ll come back tomorrow for June’s!

Thanks for playing!




  1. Looking forward to next month’s.

    1. Great!! Good luck with it!

  2. What???? Really?

    1. Yep – it sure is! Lots of people struggled with this one, despite the poster being fairly famous.

  3. Yay! Killed it again!

    1. Man, someday I’m going to catch you out! It probably won’t be tomorrow’s, but the one which will get you is coming soon!

  4. Natalie P · · Reply

    Yay 🙂

    1. Nice one Natalie!

  5. Bullshit……I should of won…..but I forgot to enter. 🙂

    Good work James, keep ’em coming 🙂

    1. Haha, cheers Tyson! I reckon you will get today’s 🙂

  6. WOOHOO!! I’m going to snort some heroin!

    1. Just be sure not to OD and have a needle shoved in your chest!

  7. armanddc · · Reply

    Hello James,

    Glad to know that I got it right again. Just wanted to tell you that my url is currently a I’m having trouble parking it to my .com domain. Thanks!

    1. Hey man,
      I’ve corrected that for you!
      Thanks for playing 😀

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