A ‘Who’s That?’ Clue…


For the first time since ‘Who’s That?’ began, a silhouette has proved too difficult for anyone to make a correct guess! So, here is a clue to perhaps help a couple of you along the way. There will be a few more clues released over the course of the month if the mystery figure continues to prove elusive.

First Clue: The silhouette is that of a female, Asian character.

Let’s see if that helps anybody out, if not, I’ll see you again soon with another clue!

Thanks for playing!


Who's That?



    1. Haha, not quite!

  1. Edit: Is it [Hidden] character [Hidden] from [Hidden]?

    1. Thanks for your guess! I’ve hidden the details so that others can still play, but I’ve recorded them for the end of the month!

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