And This Month’s Silhouette is…


Takako Chigusa (Chiaki Kuriyama) from Battle Royale!

I thought that I may have gone overboard and picked too tough a silhouette in my attempt to put a stop to Fernando‘s successful run of guesses, and it seems that I was right! Big congratulations to MIB’s Instant Headache – the only person to guess correctly this month! Don’t worry everyone else though, next month’s isn’t going to be quite so difficult!

I hope you all enjoyed this month’s quiz and that you’ll come back tomorrow for August’s!

Thanks for playing!



  1. theipc · · Reply

    Good one – never seen that so never would have got this one…

    1. Ah man, you should see it!

  2. NO! This is the first time I’ve lost at something ever in the history of the world! 😛
    Seriously, good job, James! You’ve beat me! But I will come out stronger!

    1. Haha! Well let’s just wait and see shall we!

  3. Yep, never would have guessed.

    1. It was a tough one, that’s for sure!

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