Who’s That ? – August Edition

Who's That?

And so it’s August’s edition of the ‘Who’s That?’ quiz! Welcome back, July’s silhouette caused a lot of people to struggle so it’ll be interesting to see how you all do this month – I suspect that this one is easier – but who knows, I’ve been wrong before!  As always you need to identify the silhouette on the far left of my header above, (I’ve also stuck the image below) and once you have done so, all you have to do is head on over here to the ‘Who’s That?’ page and make your guess! At the end of the month I’ll announce both the answer and those of you who manage to guess correctly, and I’ll be linking back to your website/twitter/Facebook etc.

Remember, please don’t guess in the comment section as it spoils the fun for everybody. Head here to make your guess by filling out the form.

Thanks, and have fun!

August 13


    1. Damn you’re so close yet again – Mothra definitely wore a hat just like that as well!

    1. You may be even closer than Brian was with Mothra! Think even scarier than Pazuzu… 😛

  1. Teddy · · Reply

    Piece of cake!

    1. Nice 😀 It’s certainly a fairly recognisable one!

  2. Hmmm, I have a couple ideas in mind but I can’t have two answers right, ahah.

    1. Haha, I’m afraid not!

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