Highway Gospel Update

highway-gospel- film posterHere’s just a quick update about a documentary that I reviewed back in March (which you can find here). There were several of you who seemed interested in it so I’m just letting you all know that it’s now available online if you want to catch it. Just follow this link and it costs a couple of dollars to watch.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Ha. I’ve seen this and I was actually was part of a marketing aspect with it and Tugg. Solid doc. Director’s a nice guy.

    1. I seem to remember that you were connected with this one somehow. Maybe you brought me to it?

      1. Haha that may have been me indeed.

  2. Managed to see a screener of it a while ago and it was a very entertaining documentary. Definitely worth checking out.

    1. It is good isn’t it – I was somewhat surprised at how much I enjoyed it seeing as I have no interest in skateboarding!

      1. I don’t have much with it either but it was nice to see these people being passionate about what they love and following their dream, no matter the consequences.

        1. Yeah it was, I remember it being surprisingly emotional as well.

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