And This Month’s Silhouette is…

September 13 Figure

Maria/The Maschinenmensch (Brigitte Helm) from Metropolis!

Thank you all for playing this month. It seems that Maria threw quite a few of you, with a number guessing C-3PO as I had hoped would happen! After all he was designed with her in mind. Still, congratulations to those people who did guess correctly. And they are:

Committed to Celluloid

Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights
Marked Movies
Mediocre Batman

Head back here tomorrow to take a guess at October’s silhouette… or should I say silhouettes!

Thanks for playing!



    1. Ha ha, it’ll be interesting to see how you do with today’s when it goes up in a few hours time 😀

      1. We’ll see 😉

        1. We shall indeed!

  1. Dang!

    1. Yeah you were unlucky here! You were close!

  2. Yay, quite proud to get this one correct but then I am a huge fan of this movie so would have kicked myself if I would have been wrong.

    1. Nice work, I too am a big fan of the film, I would like to think that I would have got it if I were playing!

  3. I immediately recognized her even though I didn’t know her proper name since I haven’t watched the movie. C-3P0 honestly never even crossed my mind, but now that you mention it I could see that. Nice choice.

    1. Oh you should definitely see it!
      Yeah apparently he was designed to be even more similar to her at first, but then was later refined into the C-3PO that we see in the finished film. Thanks!

  4. Never surprised to see Fernando get it right!! 🙂

    1. You know he has only ever once not guessed correctly? And that was when I went out of my way to create a really hard one especially for him!

      1. Mwahaha! You should have a “Who’s That?” Hall of Fame or something!

        1. Perhaps on the anniversary of ‘Who’s That?’ I should do a little something!

        2. Ha ha, perhaps if I can scrape together the funds 😛

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