Breaking Emotions: Tears & Surprise

Excitingly Mettel Ray has started up her second blogathon after the great success of her ‘My Movie Alphabet’ one last year (check out my entry here). This time around she has one called ‘Breaking Emotions’ where we are given an emotion (or two) and we have to respond with scenes that cause us to experience it. For more details check out her site via the link above.
This week I am taking on both Tears and Surprise, so read on for my choices!

Breaking TearsHere are my top three emotional moments from films which I love to watch but which will have tears leaking down my face, almost without fail.

Thelma3. Thelma and Louise – Ending

Each time I watch this film I become more and more emotional when the ending comes around and the two decide to drive on over the cliff rather than get taken in by the police. Thelma and Louise are possibly my favourite onscreen friendship, and it’s heartbreaking to see them drive to their death.

Blue Valentine2. Blue Valentine – Ending

There isn’t too much happiness in this film, but there’s enough to make Gosling walking away, whilst trying to convince his daughter to return to her mother, a seriously upsetting ending. Having watched this film a few times now, I can testify to it not getting any easier to watch.

LotR1. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King – Frodo departs

There are multiple moments in this film which can bring me to tears, sometimes those are tears of happiness, but this scene is most certainly not one of those. It’s a heart-wrenching, tear inducing moment which should make anyone cry. Also, knowing the on set problems, and the multiple takes needed across multiple days, makes the fact that this scene remains so emotional a real testament to the actors involved in it.


Breaking Surprise

If you haven’t seen Children of Men, Fight Club or Psycho then you will want to skip past these three, and don’t worry, I’ve chosen non spoiler images for them so you’re not going to see any big reveals on your way past. Here are three of the biggest surprises I can remember experience when watching a film.

Children of Men3. Children of Men – Julian’s car journey

One of the main reasons I sat down to watch this one was Julianne Moore, however despite being top billed, it wasn’t long until she was shot and killed, taking me completely by surprise. It’s a clever trick, top billing an actor and then killing them, and one which at the time I wasn’t too appreciative of!

Fight Club2. Fight Club – Reveal

This is one of the most unexpected and well conceived twist I have ever witnessed, I was literally left shocked for ages after. I can’t think of a twist which worked so well except for…

Psycho1. Psycho – The end of Marion Crane’s journey

I have written before about how, back before I really got into film, I knew nothing about Psycho when I went into a cinema re-screening and watched it for the first time. Thus, when our protagonist is murdered in the shower it was for me like seeing it back in 1960 – I just was completely thrown. It seems incredible now that I once went into this film unaware of what would happen, but I’m very lucky that I did!

So there are my picks for part two of Mettel Ray’s blogathon! Let me know what you think below, and be sure to check out her site here!



  1. Good stuff!

  2. Good choices!

    1. Cheers! These are pretty fun to compile!

  3. Victor De Leon · · Reply

    nice picks! some surprises there. good job.

    1. Thank you! I guess there are some obvious ones – ‘Fight Club’ for example, but it’s nice to hear that there are some surprises too!

  4. Oh man, for the Tears. DEM FEELS. it’s gotten so bad with me and LOTR that just hearing the Shire theme makes me almost tear up. So much power. And I love your Children of Men inclusion on Surprise. I might have to tackle this blogathon myself- and I’d definitely include that as well.

    1. Haha, I know how you feel!
      Thanks, I reckon you should give it a go as I’m finding it quite a lot of fun!

  5. Great picks! Especially the ones for Surprise.

    1. Cheers buddy! It’s ridiculous that I didn’t know the Psycho one going into to it!

      1. I didn’t either!

        1. Oh really! It’s awesome that we had that experience then don’t you think?

          1. Yes! I mean, I knew she got killed but it surprised me that it was so soon into the movie.

        2. Uh huh, well that’s very cool! I knew absolutely nothing going in!

          1. Really? Wow. Pretty interesting that you managed not to see that iconic scene somewhere before.

          2. I know… well back then I wasn’t as into film as I am now, so it at least makes partial sense that I had missed it. But it’s still very lucky!

  6. Great post, when Thelma and Louise link hands I just can’t help but feel sad.

    1. Thank you! I know, and the music just comes in and it’s just… damn. It really gets to me now that I have fallen in love with those characters.

  7. 😀 Great picks!

    1. Thank you Zoë !

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