Breaking Emotions: Smiles & Thrills

Excitingly Mettel Ray has started up her second blogathon after the great success of her ‘My Movie Alphabet’ one last year (check out my entry here). This time around she has one called ‘Breaking Emotions’ where we are given an emotion (or two) and we have to respond with scenes that cause us to experience it. For more details check out her site via the link above.
Today I am taking on both Smiles and Thrills, so read on for my choices!

Breaking Smiles

Here are three scenes which never fail to make me smile, it may not be a definitive list, but these are all excellent moments which affect me more than most do!

Perks3. Perks of Being a Wallflower – Second  Tunnel Trip

The second trip through the tunnel at the end of this film balances a fine line between being pretentious and affecting, but it comes down on the side of affecting and it brings a huge smile to my face every time I watch it. It’s a beautiful little ending, and when it bursts into David Bowie at the end it reaches the level of greatness.

Atta Boy2. It’s a Wonderful Life – ‘Atta boy Clarence!’

This ending will make me grin like crazy, and there’s a good chance I’ll cry as well. It’s one of my all-time favourite film endings, and it’s my favourite Christmas film. I’ll watch it once a year, but it’s worth it every time!

Singin'1. Singin’ in the Rain – Singing in the Rain

This is my go to film if I want to be cheered up, if I want a laugh, and if I want to have the great desire to tap-dance for hours afterwards! There are numerous scenes in this film which could potentially make this list, but it makes sense to go with the most famous and most joyous. If you haven’t seen this one then you’re missing an absolute treat!


Breaking Thrills

There were a lot of contenders for these top three, and I surprised myself at some of those which didn’t make the cut (can you guess which of those I’m referencing in the poster below?). Anyway, here are my top three thrilling moments!

Kill Bill Budd3. Kill Bill. Volume 2 – ‘… and we deserve to die’

The combination of Madsen’s pitch perfect delivery, and the soundtrack that infuses the scene with extra weight, turns the words ‘That woman deserves her revenge… and we deserve to die’ and makes them epic in nature, sending thrilling shivers right up my spine.

OUaTitW2. Once Upon a Time in the West – The Opening

Again a soundtrack is responsible for really ramping up the impact here, although I really was torn about which scene to include. Really I mean Once Upon a Time in the West as a whole for this entry, rather than specific scene. Still, the opening is as good an example as any of how this film and its score can create a deep pit of excitement within my stomach!

Return of the Jedi Fight1. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – Luke and Vader’s Duel

My personal favourite of the Star Wars films, and easily my favourite scene, the duel itself is a fantastic example of how to do a fight scene properly, and the climax is thrilling in its execution. All finesse and concentration evaporates as Luke just bashes down upon his father’s blade, over and over, until he finally defeats him. It’s just excellent.


So that’s it! Let me know what you thought and be sure to come back again for the final entry in this blogathon!


  1. Great choices, Singin in the Rain is just unbeatable in its optimism.

    1. Cheers man, it really is! No matter how upset I am that film will cheer me up!

  2. Great choices. I disagree with none of them.

    1. Cheers, that’s good to hear!

  3. Great choices! Love these scenes. Especially the “smiles”. 🙂

    1. Thank you! You should give this blogathon a go, it’s good fun!

  4. Absolutely great list James, well done!

    1. Thank you so much Zoë! That means a lot!

  5. Great picks, especially the ones for Smiles. All three are among my favorite movies.

    1. Oh I’m glad to hear that you think so! Plus I have Kill Bill in the Thrills 😀

      1. I know. Love that one as well 🙂

        1. Thought you did!

  6. Nice picks James! Not surprised at all that you included the Luke & Vader duel for thrills 😀

    1. Thanks Ruth! Oh it’s such a fantastic moment 😀

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