Interview with Sadie Katz: House of Bad

Sadie Katz GunRecently I sat down with actress Sadie Katz for Cinema Chords and interviewed her about her recent horror film House of Bad. I had a great time chatting to her; talking about House of Bad, her latest film Scorned with Billy Zane and a number of other things. If any of you want to check it out then just click here.

Also I’ll be storing interviews that I’ve conducted on my new Interview page at the top of my blog, on the sidebar, or even right here if you click the picture below!


As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Sir, big props on the interview. Got to speak to her and Mark Jones a week or so ago – lovely, lovely lady. Good chatter, dude. Keep it up πŸ™‚

    1. Cheers man! I’ll have to keep an eye open for your interview then, sounds great!

        1. Nicely done! Just had a read through and thought you did a great job. Well done on getting that exclusive detail!

          1. Big thanks, sir. Have you checked out Scorned yet? Thoughts?

          2. Have to get back to you on that one, trying to get a copy at the moment!

          3. Yeah, same here. The PR company was a bit of a nightmare. Mark said he’d sort me out a copy if needed but that went quiet too. In the end I ended up finding a copy online.

          4. Ah right… Hopefully I’ll hear back from them soon.

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