Almost Famous- Review (Spoiler Free)

Almost FamousFills you with a special, uplifting joy which only truly great films can achieve

Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous is an excellent coming of age tale about a fifteen year old guy who lands himself the chance of a lifetime – interviewing an almost famous rock band for Rolling Stone. Patrick Fugit is marvellous in the lead role and he is supported by a great cast including strong performances by Billy Crudup and Kate Hudson.

There was a lot that impressed me about this one, in fact it doesn’t really put a foot wrong, but an awful lot of praise has to go the three stars. Billy Crudup, Kate Hudson and Patrick Fugit all deliver excellent work here, the three together seeming to raise each other’s game and building a great group dynamic on screen. You get the sense that the actors are really having a lot of fun here. I don’t know whether that is true at all, but it’s a testament to their work and the film in general that you come away feeling that you know the people you have been watching, that you’re drawn to them, and that you ultimately care about them. It’s been a while since I watched a film where I really properly felt for the characters, and I love this film for giving me that again.

Another point that should be made is that the music really does feels authentic for the time period, that the band who Fugit’s character follows feels real. I mean as a fan of rock music from that time period I now want to check out their back catalogue and it’s frustrating that I can’t! If you are a fan of Led Zeppelin, The Who, Black Sabbath – that era of music, then I suggest you check this one out. It’s a very nicely handled love letter back to this time when writer and director Cameron Crowe was himself travelling around writing for Rolling Stone magazine.

With many great supporting performances including ones by two of my favourite actors; Philip Seymour Hoffman and Frances McDormand, this film is a joy to watch and it leaves you with a warm glow long after the credits have rolled. I came away from it knowing that I have a new favourite film.


What is the film’s greatest strength? The film’s heart and soul is perfect.

Its greatest weakness? There’s nothing of much significance which I can think of.

Would I see it again? In case you haven’t already gathered, this is a resounding yes.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comment box below!


  1. am a little bit ashamed to say I haven’t seen this movie yet so will put it on my to do list.

    1. Well that’s how I felt too! I’m catching up with a few films which I keep meaning to see. This today, Eternal Sunshine the other day etc…

  2. Such a brilliant film. I really think it captures the zeitgeist of its era.

    1. Isn’t it. I can’t believe how long I have taken to get around to seeing this one!

  3. Great review. I haven’t seen this one in many years, so I can’t give you a deep analysis (just don’t remember enough about it), but I can say I remember generally agreeing that it is very good. Would I call it one of my favorites? Probably not, but that isn’t to say it’s a weak film.

    1. Thanks! Good to hear that you largely agree with me, I wasn’t sure what to expect last night but I really loved the time I had with it.

  4. Totally agree on this one Rumsey, sir! A fabulous film and one of Hoffman’s numerous special moments onscreen.

    1. Good to hear! Yeah it really is and I just love catching up with the Hoffman performances that I have missed. Has he ever done subpar work?? He seems to strongly deliver in absoloutley every performance.

      1. That’s just it! I’ve never seen him deliver a bad performance. Even in some mediocre films, he rose above the material.

        1. Yeah seems so!
          It would be really interesting to check out his very early work, see how that compares.

          1. The first time I seen him was in Scent of a Woman in a small role but I’ve seen most his films and his commitment is always clear to see. That’s the reason he was one of my personal favourites. It’s a real loss, man.

          2. Yeah same reason for me too, I was utterly shattered when I heard the news. Such a shame.

  5. Not seen this one for quite some time but I remember really liking it. It’s one I should dig out again.

    1. I would say so! First time I watched it last night and I really loved it. Can’t wait until I next check it out.

  6. Adele · · Reply

    Sounds another good one to put on the “to watch” list!
    Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Glad to help out! It’s a really great film.

  7. Excellent post! I 100% agree. I have always loved this film.

    1. Very glad to hear it! I watched it again recently and loved it just as much as the first time I saw it.

  8. Really nice film. Loved it. Showed the heart in the writing he really showed with Jerry Maguire.

    1. I am glad that you loved it. As you say there is a lot of heart to this one, and some very nicely written characters too.

  9. One of those movies I see mentioned a lot and have to admit I still haven’t checked out yet.

    1. I know that feeling, I took a very long time in getting around to seeing it too. I was really pleased when I finally did though!

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