Who’s That? – Just a Quick Reminder

Who's That?It’s that time again! Just putting out a reminder for those of you about the ‘Who’s That?’ quiz. As always, the answer will be going up at the end of the month, but for those of you who missed the earlier post about this and wanted to make a guess, then cast your eyes up to the header above or just scroll down a little and take a look at a bigger version.

Head over here and make a guess at who they are if you would like to play.

Here is this month’s guest:

No clues here, but nice try!

(But remember go here to make a guess, don’t give it away in the comment section!)

Thanks for playing!


  1. Damn this a toughie, could be so many…

    1. Best of luck!

  2. Slam Adams · · Reply

    Secret Mysterious Answer

    1. Thanks, I’ll hide your answer though so others don’t see it!

      1. Slam Adams · · Reply

        Oh whoops, was this the wrong spot

        1. Sorry for the delayed response! Yeah, it’s no problem but I normally ask for people to go to the ‘Who’s That?’ page in order to make the guess!

  3. This is the first one of these I actually know!!! Unless I’m wrong, which is quite possible.

    1. Awesome! I have seen your guess but I couldn’t possibly comment!

  4. Whoops. A bit late. Lemme get on this now

    1. Great, thanks for your guess!

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