Who’s that? – July Edition

Django (Jamie Fox) from Django Unchained!

Lots of correct guesses this month, and plenty for Clint and other famous cowboys! Thank you for playing once again everybody and congratulations to the following for guessing correctly:

Beer Movie
Committed to Celluloid
Flights, Tights and Movie Nights
Let There Be Movies (Gene)
Mediocre Batman
Saint Ronald
Scribble Creatures
Slam Adams
The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger
Thoughts From the Booth
We Do All Things Cinematic

Now, onto this month. You need to be guessing at the silhouette on the far left of my header above (I’ve also stuck the image below), and once you think you know who they are, all you have to do is head on over here to the ‘Who’s That?’ page and make your guesses. At the end of the month I’ll announce the answers, as well as listing and linking back to those of you who manage to guess correctly. Thanks for playing, and have fun!

Remember, please don’t make your guess in the comment section as it spoils the fun for everybody!



  1. WHOOP! Fun and games James, thanks!

    1. No problem, thanks for playing!

  2. I think you should make a leaderboard for this!

    1. That’s not a bad idea at all! I’m going to have to consider that!

      1. You’re welcome. Does this entitle me to extra clues?

        1. Haha perhaps… perhaps. I’ll keep you updated on that one!

  3. Awesome! I’m back, baby!

    1. Haha that’s what I thought when seeing your name on the list!

      1. Hopefully I ccan keep the streak going. So far, I think my guess for this month’s is right.

        1. I’m sworn to secrecy about your guess, but it will be fun if you are back on a streak!

          1. 😉 fingers crossed!

  4. irscriptwriter · · Reply

    I WON! (Must’ve been too easy.)

    Do I have to share my prize with all 12 of those other people?

    1. Haha I’ll make them more difficult in future then!

      As your prize is glory then you can share it with whom you like!

  5. Feels good to guess right

    1. I can imagine! Sometime I wish that I could play this game!

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