Rampage: Capital Punishment – Interview with Uwe Boll


Infamous director Uwe Boll has taken a little time out to answer a few of my questions regarding his latest movie Rampage: Capital Punishment. Of course he is perhaps most famous for physically fighting his critics after being heavily criticised and receiving the label of the world’s worst filmmaker. Today he joins me for a quick chat about his newer, more political movies. Read on for our interview!

Hello and thanks for sitting down to do this interview with me today. How are you?

OK. Could you just briefly tell us what your movie Rampage: Capital Punishment is all about?

It shows what Bill Williamson is up to now. After 2 years of hiding he comes back and strikes back.

You’re known for not shying away from difficult topics and obviously after the recent shootings in America this is going to be a pretty controversial movie, do you consider how a film is going to be received when you write it?

Of course but at the same time I put myself and what I like first. If I have to say something I say it no matter what the consequences are.

What other current topics are, in your opinion, in desperate need of being addressed within films?

Everything that Bill talks about in the movie: finance system, political system, prison system, NSA, Wiki leaks, Wars, Food, etc.

I think in the last few years with my more political movies… the critics changed their opinion, slowly but steady…
– Uwe Boll

If I understand it correctly you maintain a great deal of control over the creative process of you films through handling a lot of the financing and distribution yourself. What disadvantages does that present to you? And are there any other major positives except for artistic freedom?

It is really hard to finance movies and the biggest part of my life I spend raising money and selling movies. The payoff is then getting to finally shoot the movie.

Is that control something you would consider giving up under certain circumstances in the future?

Of course. If a studio would hire me just as a director I would honour who pays for the film and that company or person will have the final say. But on set I have the say because there is only one director.

The internet and sites such as Kickstarter have put a lot of power into the hands of young filmmakers to be able to make their films and voices heard when otherwise they may not have had a platform to do so. Do you think that this is broadly a good thing for both filmmakers and audiences around the world?

Why not – it helps to start careers.

Fair enough. Has it impacted upon you and your work at all?

I tried Kickstarter for Postal 2, but it didn’t work out.

brenden-fletcher-mediumThe internet has certainly opened up the ability for audiences to respond to filmmakers directly and let them know their opinions via twitter for example. Does the reception your films receive feel different now to how it did a few years back? Are people looking at your work with fresh eyes, or do you think they are still jumping on the anti-Boll train?

I think in the last few years with my more political movies like Stoic, Postal, Tunnel Rats, Assault on Wall Street, Rampage and Auschwitz the critics changed their opinion, slowly but steady.

Would you call it laziness on the part of critics how you were singled out in that way?

Of course, but that was in the past and hopefully they’ll watch my movies now.

Do you think it has changed the way that you approach both your movies and their reception?

I love making movies and I have also no problem to shoot in between movies like In the Name of the King 4.

It would seem that you are aiming to be taken very seriously with some of your more recent films such as this one, Auschwitz and Assault on Wall Street – was it a conscious decision to move in a more political direction or did it happen naturally?

Yes and it was only back to the roots because in the beginning of my career I did only movies I also wrote like Barschel Murder In Geneva etc.

Rampage-Capital-Punishment-Trailer-Front-620x350And would you return to do an adaptation in the future?

Of course if the money would be good.

Are there many differences in how you approach a video game adaptation compared to a film such as Rampage?

Yes, it starts with not writing it. I can only write stuff I’m really emotionally involved with. On set I’m fully dedicated to whatever I do but in Pre and Post production I’m definitely way more involved with my passion movies.

I understand that the Rampage series will have a third and final chapter sooner or later, is there anything that you can tell us about that?

It will be the end of Bill Williamson.

And finally is there anything else that you have planned for us soon?

I have a great thriller, 12 Hours, it’s like Taken and a movie The Viking, similar to Valhalla Rising.

 Many thanks for chatting with me today!



  1. He doesn’t sound massively happy…… Lol good scoop getting the interview though buddy. How are you contacting these folks if you don’t mind me asking? Twitter was my most successful method, although I did get a Facebook message from uwe himself when I did a post about his best films. Rampage was one of them, a good film as it goes.

    You seen much of his work?

    1. Haha no it’s not the most relaxed interview I’ve ever done!
      Thanks! No I don’t mind, it’s through a site that I’m the news editor for (Cinema Chords) as I’m on the team I can get a few interviews here and there for Mr Rumsey’s!

      Ah that’s cool! Twitter is useful, however have you ever tried emailing somebodies publicity people? It’s not too difficult to find some people’s contact addresses and it can work quite well 🙂

      1. Perks of the job eh?! Nice one buddy. Nah Im more into letting them chase me 😉

        1. Haha yeah that would be nice!!

  2. Wow, how did you bag this interview? Nice work! Wonder if he knew about the Shitfest Social we did with Alone in the Dark? You should have challenged him to a boxing match. I think you could take him 🙂

    1. Oh I write for Cinema Chords and I managed to grab this through them 🙂

      Haha I decided not to mention it!

      Thanks but… I think I’ll pass on that one!

  3. Hold on… did he direct Alone in the Dark…

    1. Yep, that’s him!

  4. Soon Rampage 3 No Mercy may 2016 Thank you Uwe Böll

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