Altergeist – Interview with Kristina Anapau

altergeist_headerActress Kristina Anapau is here today to talk about her latest movie Altergeist! You may recognise her from True Blood or Black Swan but regardless of whether you know her or not it is worth taking a few minutes out to read this interview with a lady who has been tipped as one of the actresses to watch over the next year or two. Read on for a discussion on ghosts, acting and her new fashion  product that will ‘change people’s closets forever’!

Hello! Thank you for chatting with me today! How are you?

My pleasure. I am well, thank you.

First off can you tell me a little bit about your role in Altergiest and what attracted you to it?

Theresa Augland is director/producer who travels to a haunted winery with her crew to see what they can capture on film— and they find much more than they bargained for! I was drawn to Theresa’s strength and intuition —Tedi Sarafian (Terminator 3 and Tank Girl) writes really wonderfully developed female roles.

What sort of preparation did you have to do for a role like that?

I didn’t have much time to prepare before filming, but the film was based on true events, so I spent some time with the people involved—there were some really fascinating stories.

I bet! I would assume, perhaps wrongly, that there is an additional pressure when you step into a lead role for a movie. Is that there and does it then dissipate quite quickly?

There is indeed additional pressure knowing that, as the lead, you are carrying a great deal of the film. It does dissipate a lot after the first week or so of filming.

Does it change your approach in any way throughout the acting process?

It definitely requires more preparation and focus thorough out. I really enjoy it, actually.

And what about the differences between TV work and film? I assume the work is broadly the same but are there differences for you between the two platforms?

They each have their respective pleasures and challenges. There are a lot of differences between different projects even within the same platform. It’s really all about good writing and a familial dynamic on set for me. If those two elements are present, everything else seems to fall into place.

A lot of actors who are typically thought of as film actors are moving over to TV over the last couple of years citing that that is where a lot of the best work is. Is this supposed shift in quality something that you have experienced in your time working on both the small and big screen?

There is a lot of great writing on TV these days, it’s true, but there is more great writing in the film world than ever before as well. I have noticed that there seem to be more strong female roles on TV as a general rule. There are a lot of female-driven shows out there, much more so than female-driven films.

You can delve into imagination and take a scene much further when you are a fairy who can read minds and shoot balls of light out of your hand than when you are check-out girl in a supermarket…
– Kristina Anapau

I’ve seen a lot of excitement for Altergiest across the crew and cast, with many people thinking that this is quite a special movie. What, in your opinion, makes this movie particularly interesting?

Altergeist is unique because it is a genre film that is incredibly entertaining and scary, but also happens to be beautifully shot with really well-developed characters that you care about. Most genre films don’t care too much about the latter two elements. The filmmakers did a great job adding all sorts of additional facets and dimension to the movie. People are going to love it.

You have now acted in a number of movies that have a horror/supernatural edge to them such as Cursed, Grimm, True Blood and Black Swan; is there an element within these genres which particularly appeals to you?

I really enjoy working in the supernatural/paranormal realm—mainly because it allows for so much freedom within scenes and within the characters. You can delve into imagination and take a scene much further when you are a fairy who can read minds and shoot balls of light out of your hand than when you are check-out girl in a supermarket.

AltergeistIs there a genre that you think is quite underdeveloped at the moment in the film industry?

Or in fact one that feels really quite exciting right now?

I feel there could be a greater number of strong, balanced, female characters out there—characters that are not victims, but are not bitches either.

And is there a genre or style of film which you would really love to explore in the future?

English period pieces. I’d love to be on Downton Abbey. Adore that show.

I have noticed that there seem to be more strong female roles on TV as a general rule. There are a lot of female-driven shows out there, much more so than female-driven films…
– Kristina Anapau

I understand that you set about revisiting an old skill and ambition with dancing when in the audition process for Black Swan, what was it like returning to ballet dancing?

It was very intense. I trained harder than I ever did back when I was actually dancing. It was lovely to be able to come full circle with my childhood dream of being a ballerina.

Have you found your wide skill base useful in the industry so far? After all you can write, dance, sing and ride horses!

Very useful—the more artistic and athletic skills you bring to the table in this industry the better.

Do you plan on returning to any of them in the future, both within movies and outside of your film career?

I have been doing a lot of writing lately, and am about to launch a company in the Fall called Color It New. It’s a very cool fashion product that is going to change people’s closets forever. I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Altergeist Could you just tell me a little about Near Myth: The Oskar Knight Story and how you became involved in it? I was really thrown at first when I was trying to research who Oskar Knight was!

Yes, it’s a very clever concept. I play myself— but heightened in many ways. Scott approached me for the film, and I thought it was very intelligent and witty—I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.

And any other upcoming projects that we should be looking out for?

I have a few films following Altergeist. Miss India America is one I am looking forward to seeing—really lovely group of people. Also, check out to learn more about the launch—it’s going to be very exciting.

Kristina has asked if I can share a few details with you all should you want to find out more. Here is the details for Color It New:
twitter: @coloritnew
instagram: @coloritnew

And here are her other details:
twitter: @kristinaanapau
instagram: @kristina_anapau

Lastly, make sure you check out Altergeist‘s trailer below:


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    1. Haha even Uwe Boll?

      1. OK I take that back!

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