Short Film Mondays – Malaria by Edson Oda

Short Film Mondays Banner

I don’t know if any of you remember this feature? Basically I feel that short films are all too often dismissed as being inferior to their bigger brothers (features) and that they really should get more attention from us bloggers. Therefore I will be promoting a short film every week for those who are interested to check out!  Short Film Mondays hasn’t been seen on this site for over a year for one reason or another, but I got to thinking the other day and I reckon it’s about time it was brought back!

Kicking off the return of Short Film Mondays is one of my favourite shorts from recent years. Edson Oda’s Malaria is a highly inventive, experimental and most of all fun take on the Western genre that was originally intended for the Django Unchained Emerging Artist contest.

Check it out below:


  1. I think that short films definitely need a lot more attention than they are getting! Great post and film choice! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you agree, they should be everywhere really considering how suited they are to the internet and sites like YouTube but not enough people seek them out!

  2. This splendid review makes me wanna watch more short films.

    1. If this post has made you want to watch more shorts then my work here is done!

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