State of Desolation Releases New Stills

State of Desolation StillThe upcoming zombie apocalypse movie has set loose a couple of new images featuring Jamie Bernadette, Sadie Katz and Craig Stark.

I’ve been intrigued about this one for a while now and I’m liking a lot of what I have seen since as stills and video diaries keep on rolling in. The film’s about an aging mercenary who’s pretty adept at killing zombies (played by Craig Stark – Django Unchained) who takes a pampered young woman (Jamie Bernadette)  under his wing and tries to teach her how to survive.

Now there are lots of zombie films, apocalypse films and films about father daughter relationships… however this one has caught my eye for a few reasons, the main one being that I want to see the dynamic between Bernadette and Stark’s characters as that looks like quite a fun pairing, and I look forward to seeing how them being forced by circumstance to have to trust each other plays out.

I’ve managed to secure an interview with actress Jamie Bernadette next month so keep an eye open for me picking her brains about the film then. I’ll leave you with two more images below, be sure to check out the Facebook page here  for more images:

State of Desolation Still 2State of Desolation Still 3

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