Exclusive Interview with Bernard Robichaud!

Trailer Park BoysToday Bernard Robichaud drops in to share a few words about his latest projects and to talk about working in different forms and practices. Robinchaud is best known for his portrayal of Cyrus in the hit show the Trailer Park Boys but you can also see him in projects such as Beefcake and Blue Seduction. Check out our chat below!

Hello there, thanks for taking the time out to speak with me today! How are you?

Thank you! I’m good thanks.

Congratulations to you and everyone else involved on Trailer Park Boys continued success! There is a new movie on the way and Netflix is making two new seasons, what can you tell us about the directions that we will head in?

Thank you. I can’t reveal too much, but suffice it to say I think what has been done is very exciting, people will be extremely happy, and I believe the two seasons will rival season five and bring more fans to the series.

And will we be seeing a lot of Cyrus?

Yes there is plenty of Cyrus.

Are you happy with how your character is being depicted now? From what I hear, although it was cut from the movie anyway, Cyrus lost a little of his trademark character in the last movie…

Yes I’m happy, I think to be the arch nemesis for 14 years is a credit to the character, I’m not sure of any villain in any series that has lasted so long, I’m extremely grateful for the support from the fans, producers, and of course the boys. Cyrus was cut, except for a cameo I believe in the second movie, but plays an integral role in the new movie, so I’m not sure about trademark.

Bernard Robichaud InterviewYou seem to be really behind this latest movie, in fact you’ve called it the best! What can fans expect which is going to make this one so great?

I just think it was a better story line than the first two and embraced more of the essence of the series when Michael first created it. It’s out on PPV now so I won’t divulge anything at this point.

And do you think it translates well for newcomers who haven’t seen the show or the past movies? Could someone just jump in with this movie?

I think it translates for anybody and yes anyone could watch and I think would have interest in seeing more.

Are you excited for the new seasons of Trailer Boys on Netflix? It seems that there is no stopping the shows popularity and growth!

Yes I think we are all excited about Netflix and the possibilities, stopping the show? … I hope not, why, it’s still growing.

I’m not sure of any villain in any series that has lasted so long, I’m extremely grateful for the support from the fans, producers, and of course the boys…
– Bernard Robichaud

It certainly is! You’ve worked in a variety of different mediums such as radio and theatre, could you talk me through some of the challenges of working on radio?

I never really felt there were any challenges doing radio, you use your voice, the other actor is standing next to you as well so you can play off them just like any other medium.

If I’m not mistaken you began acting on the radio with In Becky’s Name where you voiced both Robert and Becky. How did you approach playing a woman?

I approached playing Becky no different than a man, a feeling is a feeling, a gesture a gesture, I didn’t see a difference, I delivered the lines, just with an effeminate voice.

Do you find that your work in the theatre, on radio and on TV/Film informs each other or are they all quite distinctly separate areas of acting?

They are all distinct, but they are all acting, reacting to what you are hearing, the difference I guess is the size of the action the body moves.

RobinchaudOf course you also write too. How is Woman Scorned coming along? Anything you can tell us about it?

Can’t say much about it now but it was brought up in conversation yesterday so it’s still on the blocks, and I’m hopeful to have someone with serious interest very soon.

Great! Is there anything else that you would like us to be looking out for?

I have just completed season five of Haven, so keep an eye out for me in the new season, and if any of your followers happen to be in Alberta Canada, Oct. 17 – 27, I’m touring as Cyrus with comic, Andrew Albert from Yuk Yuks, in selected venues.

Excellent! Thank you for speaking with me today, I wish you all the best!

My pleasure James, thank you for taking the time and the interest.



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