Darkness on the Edge of Town receives Honourable Mention for Best Feature Film!

This highly anticipated Western has just achieved this success at the 2014 Underground Cinema Film Festival!

This success is yet another piece of good news for a film which seems set to be both powerfully acted and strikingly shot. The film, which stars Emma Eliza Regan and Brian Gleeson, currently holds a score of 8.5 on IMDb and its script received second place at the Screenwriting Goldmine International Competition and was selected by BBC Writers’ Room two years ago. This combined with a successful Indiegogo campaign and some stellar trailers has had me excited about the film for a long time.

At the festival Darkness on the Edge of Town was beaten to the title of best film by A Nightingale Falling. Here are the other results:

Best International Feature Film: Indigo
Best Independent Short Film: SKUNKY DOG
Best International Short Film: They Call Me The Kid
Best Student Short Film: One Thousand Yards

For now I’m going to leave you with the fantastic teaser trailer and it’s full length follow up. Let me know whether you’ll be checking this one out by writing in the comment box below!


  1. I’m all about this one!

    1. It looks awesome doesn’t it!

      1. YEP!!

  2. […] on the Edge of Town. You may remember me getting very excited about this film not so long ago (here) so you can imagine that I was thrilled when I managed to secure time with Emma today! Read on for […]

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