Exclusive Interview with Tonya Cornelisse!

Today we have actress Tonya Cornelisse in to talk about her work in the theatre, on film and in audio books. We will hear about her latest movie The Wolves of Savin Hill, Sam Shepard’s Buried Child and about being stabbed with scissors! Read on for more…

Hi there, thanks for taking the time out to speak with me today! How are you?

Hello. I am decompressing… Just got done with another performance of Buried Child – Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer Prize winning play, haha. It’s a dysfunctional beast! I love doing it –

Tell me about Buried Child! It must be exciting to be a part of the anniversary?

There is no hiding here, the cast is a great one and it is a show I am truly proud of being a part of. Shepard has been one of my best playwrights for as long as I can remember, I love the challenge of his emotional life; down with the American dream, but with hope! With the sun shining through at the last second. So yeah, I dig it.

Excellent! Could you tell us a little about your character in The Wolves of Savin Hill?

Cassandra is a fearless mash-up … complicated chick. She is innocent and deadly in the same breath. She confronts the main character of Wolves head on and doesn’t blink. She carries a lot of pain as well.

And what about this film will make us sit up and take notice? What’s exciting about it?

Filmmakers are great and the story is the thing. It resonated to me and how they were approaching the film and capturing the tone, the feel of the life itself within was an instant attraction. I am very much on the same page as the John (director John Hill) and we just went there…

Tonya Cornelisse PoseWhat was the hardest scene to shoot for you here?

Bathroom break! Let’s just say, I’ve pee’d under the 6th Street Bridge in downtown Los Angeles – if you know where that is you are going “oooohf!” right about now…

So what has been the hardest one in your career?

Death scenes are always really awkward – I was stabbed in the great film called Liminal with scissors and that was something that took a while for me to get the sensation of. I read a lot of gruesome articles … bleeding out is not a fun way to die. Sorry! That was pretty raw, haha.

That’s fine, I really can’t imagine it is pleasant! Last month I heard that you’re going to be the voice of the Hidden Series’ audio books, can you tell us a little about that?

This series is awesome and I am not saying that because I am a part of it now. It’s going to be a film franchise; I get to play Demons, Witches, Imps, Mindflayers, etc … and Demon sex is pretty hot! Who knew? You can get all the info on twitter – the author Colleen Vanderlinden is a really fresh new voice. Lots of fun stuff is had.

And how does voice work such as that differ from acting on the screen? Are they broadly similar practices?

Well, voice work is mostly very solitary, just you in a dark sound booth – unless you’re doing an animated show. It’s great fun though, you can do it in jeans in a tee-shirt, and it really lets you indulge in the nuances of language itself … it’s definitely its own muscle and it’s a muscle that is very much required with any kind of film or stage work for us thespians.

Tonya Cornelisse BWYou seem to have quite an interest in theatre with roles in productions such as Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf and STOP IT!, do you foresee a career in that industry over the film one potentially?

I would love to keep on keeping on alternating between the two! It is sorta what I must do to keep all the juices flowing and evolving, so one in the same! Please – haha.

To wrap things up I was wondering what else you have coming up both on stage and film which we should be keeping our eyes open for?

I am starting to film this lovely little indie film that takes place in NYC next month but – I have a film that just released called Lost Time and another one soon to hit theaters called Yellow, that is such a special film. You can follow me on the twitting and Facebooking deal at @TonyaCorneliise.

Will do. Many thanks for talking to me today!

Thanks friend.

I hope you guys and gals all enjoyed this interview. Be sure to check out Tonya on Twitter and leave a comment below!

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