Exclusive Interview with The Walking Dead’s Meyrick Murphy!

Meyrick Murphy Horizontal

Hi all! Today I’ve managed to grab a few minutes with young actress Meyrick Murphy where we  found time to talk about The Walking Dead, Doctor Who and how her love of astrophysics is fueled by watching The Big Bang Theory. Be sure to read on for more…

As a big Walking Dead fan I have to congratulate you for your work on the show, it’s a pleasure to interview you! Thanks for taking the time out to chat today!

Thank you!

The role you played on the show was extremely significant, how did you approach the part and did its importance put extra pressure on you?

When I first got the audition, I approached it like I would with any role. I put my best foot forward and put my best effort out there.

I love to act, and when I realized that Meghan was a significant character I just worked a little harder. Any stress I might’ve had was relieved by the caring cast and crew.

Did you work closely off set with David Morrisey in order to achieve such a bond between the two of you? There were only a few episodes in which you had to relay your entire story together…

No, because the moment I walked on set it felt like we already had that bond. He was really like a set dad for me. He’s a really great guy.

Meyrick Murphy in Walking DeadWhat with Walking Dead, Novice and Chasing Ghosts you’ve set about covering a wide variety of genres and styles, I was wondering, is trying new things a deliberate move on your part or is it more of a coincidence?

It’s actually more of a coincidence! But I think it’s a good thing. It really lets me show some range and lets me experiment in different genres.

And so what drew you to A Belle for Christmas?

That’s super easy—puppies, of course. When I read the script and it said that there were White Shepherd pups, I was stoked. And when Dean Cain was cast . . . It was over.

Haha of course! What was the most interesting day of work you did on this film?

The first day for sure, everyone was getting to know one another. And when the day ended we all got to yell, “WRAP ON THE FIRST DAY!!!”

What was it like on set compared to some of your other projects?

It was definitely different—but in a good way. I loved every second of it.

Who do you think has had the biggest impact upon your professional life so far and why?

Well, I like to think that every project in my career is a step and I think that all of the people that I meet on these projects influence me in some way or another. I love all of the people I get to meet.

Meyrick Murphy and Lauren CohenI heard that you took notes from The Big Bang Theory in order to further understand string theory, is that true?

Yes. The Big Bang Theory is one of my favourite shows. I feel like you can incorporate learning into anything you do. So, instead of killing brain cells, I’m finding a way to enhance them.

That sounds like a good idea! And is astrophysics an area in which you want to work in the future?

I do! Astrophysics is really intriguing to me. It is an area where I can learn from the master, Stephen Hawking. I REALLY want to go to MIT. It’s an amazing school.

And finally, as one Doctor Who fan to another, what do you think of the new doctor and direction?

Geronimo! Let’s fly in the Tardis for some Whovian fandom time! Matt Smith is my Doctor but I am loving Peter Capaldi! He really adds a nice element to the show. He’s such a salty codger! I’m worried about Clara, though. Will she leave? I hope not. I still haven’t gotten over the Ponds.

Here’s to hoping she doesn’t any time soon! Thank you very much for speaking to me today!

You are so welcome!

If you’re interested in Meyrick and her career then be sure to check out her site here: http://www.meyrickmurphy.com/
her Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/MeyrickMurphy
and her Twitter here: https://twitter.com/MeyrickMurphy


  1. Damn you Rumsey! You get all the cool interviews. What’s your secret? I have a Walking Dead one coming soon but i can’t be assed transcribing it. Maybe i’m too lazy for this blogging lark

    1. Haha I know that feeling! Who did you talk to?

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