Jurassic World’s trailer is unleashed onto us two days early!

It seems that Jaws is just fish bait for these monsters…

I have to say that I’ve been all over the place with the idea about there being a Jurassic World in the works. I’m not entirely sure it’s a logical idea (I mean how they could convince anyone that building another theme park would be a good idea is beyond me), and I know that it’s far from necessary that we see another Jurassic movie… but I am getting pretty excited for it now that this trailer has arrived. It sets exactly the right tone; bringing back memories of the original with Williams’ score, upping the scale by including an absolute mass of visitors to the park, and then topping a famous scene by replacing the cow with a great white. If old Bruce has been reduced to bait, what on earth can these creatures do to us…

I’m not going to talk at length about this one but instead suggest you take a look at the brand new trailer yourselves. Let me know what you think by writing in the comment box below!


  1. Reblogged this on KUNG FU SPACE BARBARIAN and commented:
    The little kid inside of me can’t wait to grab a bowl of popcorn and watch this movie 6 times in a row

    1. Thanks for the Re-blog!
      Yeah I know exactly what you mean! I really hope this is close to being as good as the original.

      1. it looks like chris pratt is riding his motorcycle WITH those raptors and not AWAY from them… with all the build-up from the first three movies about how intelligent raptors are, maybe that dude found a way to communicate with them to team up and take down the super dinosaur?

        1. Well it makes a certain amount of sense if say he trained them from birth as we do animals I suppose…

  2. YESSSSS!!!!!!

    Wait are those trained hunter Raptors? I am so watching this film 😀

    1. I know! That could be pretty awesome couldn’t it!

  3. Phwrooarrrrrrr!! OH MY this actually looks VERY promising indeed. Seriously, they made a Shamu-type showing of those giant T-Rex like they did in Seaworld? Heh, they deserve what’s happening to them!!

    1. Doesn’t it indeed! Yeah I really like the Seaworld-esque tone going on here.

  4. GAH! So damn exciting! Definitely reminiscent of the original.

    1. Yeah isn’t it just! I really hope it lives up to some of my expectations!

  5. Overall it left me lukewarm – it’s pretty blatantly attempting to recapture the magic of the first film (complete with “sense of wonder” when people enter the park for the first time, scientists “playing God with nature” and nature not behaving, core cast consisting of 1 male, 1 female, and a pair of kids who aren’t related to said male and female, etc.).

    CGI looked good in some spots and ugly in others. Not sure how I feel about Howard yet (I don’t dislike her as much as most, but I’m not totally believing her “WHAT HAVE I DONE!?” attitude from these shots), although I do think Pratt settles in nicely. His motorcycle-led raptor pack is either going to be the coolest or the dumbest thing in theaters, so that’s another instance where don’t know what to feel. So yeah…still excited, but this tempered my expectations a bit.

    1. Good to see you again! I don’t mind all of the evoking of the first film as long as it is substantially different when we actually see the film. But I understand your point there.

      I’m not a massive fan of her but really hoping that she changes my mind here… guess we will see on that point. Yeah! I think that is either going to be mindblowingly stupid or just mindblowing. As long as his method of controlling them isn’t contrived and awfully written like in the third film!

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  7. My excitement for this is actually really starting to snowball. I was at first utterly shocked they were digging up this property again (damn it, I need to stop with the puns). I share your concern that how are we supposed to believe that the human populace can buy back into this idea of a live-dinosaur park being a safe idea, given the events of the first. . .and the second. . .and then the third film! Lol. But, we are humans after all and I guess we haven’t yet learned our lesson.

    So, putting that argument aside, I think this can be excellent if it manages to maintain a bigger sense of scale across the board. But if it falls back into the same story lines as the original Jurassic Park, then. . .indeed we may have to hold on to our butts. . .

    1. Haha puns are more than welcome here!
      I think you are exactly right, this needs to be bigger in scope and thus different in focus to the first film, and indeed the first three to some extent. Fingers crossed that this actually is half decent… it’s got to be better than the third one at least, right?

      1. I think I’m out here on my own island in thinking JP3 was a fun outing. Even if it had floated far from its original convictions. I def think it’s the weakest out of the three though. No doubt.

        1. I think you just might be, although to be fair it has been many years since I last saw it!

  8. I’m actually not really feeling this one yet…

    1. I have been back and forward on it but I’m throwing in with the looking forward to it group at the moment. It’ll be interesting to see how future trailers affect our thoughts on it…

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