The Walking Dead: Crossed (Season 5, Episode 7)

A competent, but somewhat disappointing lull before next week’s storm…

The Walking Dead‘s penultimate episode before the mid-season break is a little underwhelming due to a bit of wheel-spinning and weak character writing, but ultimately it still manages to remain fairly entertaining. It’s good to be back with the main gang again. It’s felt like it has been a while and I’ve sort of missed them; what with all the time spent with Eugene and Abraham’s rather uninteresting group it’s nice to be back amongst the character’s who are grappling with real psychological and mentally scarring issues. Despite all of the criticisms I’m going to be mentioning later on in this review I have to say that this episode did really succeed in balancing the multiple story-lines to a degree which is rarely seen on this show. One was somewhat more compelling than the other to be sure, but they actually worked pretty well together.

One of the more interesting things that this week did was that it showed our group attempting to go for a more peaceful approach this time around. Not only did this make for some pretty interesting viewing I thought, but it was even more powerful to see that being instigated by Daryl. He is one of the most developed and intriguing characters right now and if either Carol or Beth goes next week it will be interesting to see how this new version of him deals with either death. I also rather liked the time spent in the hospital with Beth in this episode. I think the tension generated by her sneaking around in both this and the last Beth episode is really quite refreshing for the show; it’s nicely handled and makes a change from the tired zombie threat which the show is struggling to rejuvenate.

One of the most annoying things about this episode was undoubtedly Sasha and how character-breakingly stupid her falling for the captive’s trick was. We could all see that coming a mile away and it really didn’t seem believable that her character could fall for that. I read someone’s suggestion that actually she could have suspected that he was doing something dangerous to the group and killed him, using his name to say goodbye to Bob and ultimately prove that she could have killed the love of her life instead of passing the responsibility on to her brother. Whilst that would have taken a little work to write well, it could have been a much better and more developed use of Bob’s name than the shambles we were presented with here.

The other issue really was how this most certainly had a time-killing feel to it. Considering the whiplash speed at which this series began it’s strange to think that now we had an episode where not a lot really happened, and where our heroes are about to go to war with a group which we know little and care little about. I don’t know if they want us to feel this way or not, but next week’s episode doesn’t have a particularly epic feel to it if I’m honest. It’s going to see how this battle plays out, and to see how Rick against cops will be handled. This week’s episode touched on him and his former occupation, but whether the show will go any deeper is up for debate at this stage. Next week feels like it’s going to be tragic; there has been too long really since an impactful death, and when you’re talking about The Walking Dead that never bodes well for its characters…

So thank you for reading. Please do comment in the box below, I would love to know your thoughts on this week’s episode!

Zombie Kill of the Week Crossed


  1. Good review! Sasha deserves a Dunce Cap for falling for the cop’s trick, wow, that was just so ridiculous! Bob might as well have said “Hey look, a diversion!”

    I noticed The Walking Dead has a tendency to lose momentum and slow down too much, then somehow pick up momentum again, it’s rather amazing actually haha.

    1. Haha yeah!
      You’re right, I fully expect it to pick up again. I just wish it didn’t have to have these slow lulls!

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