Another ‘Who’s That?’ Clue…

FigureHe comes from afar but takes his name from a location in London…

As promised here’s another clue as to the identity of this month’s figure. Nobody managed to guess who it was when I said that ‘it may not be human, but I wouldn’t be afraid of it’ so hopefully today’s clue may help some of you narrow down who it could be. As before, if in a few days I still don’t have any correct guesses then I shall post another and clues will keep on coming until I get my first correct guess. So, if that figure isn’t human but I wouldn’t be afraid of it, and he comes from afar and yet is known by a London name who could it be…

As always go here to make your guess and don’t post any guesses in the comment box below so as to not spoil it for other players!


  1. Aaargh! Still nothing. I don’t want to keep living. I have failed.

    1. I can’t give out any more clues now either as I’ve had some correct guesses!

      You never know, the answer may come to you at some point over the next few days hopefully. I would hate to see you give up on life just because of this shilouettee!

      1. Oh, dammit! Yeah, hopefully the answer just pops into my head when I’m in the shower or something!

        1. Ah yeah let’s hope so! I really want to give another clue but I can’t!

  2. Think I may have it now!

    1. I thought this clue might help!

  3. Yeah still nothing!

    1. Ah I can’t help any more as some people have now guessed correctly!

      1. Oooh… wait… I think I’ve had an idea…

        1. Haha I hope you’re right!

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