Who’s that? – January 2015 Edition

Paddington Bear from Paddington!

So Paddington wound up confusing many of you and I ended up having some really wild guesses for this one! In the end though, after a couple of clues, six of you managed to guess correctly that the silhouette was that of everyone’s favourite lost bear. So this month congratulations must go to:

Flights Tights and Movie Nights
Mediocre Batman
Where the Wild Things Are
Wise the Simple

And now onto this month’s header. As always you need to be looking at the figure on the far left in either the picture below or the header above. Once you know who it is then just head on over to here and make your guess!

Jan 2015


  1. Never would have guessed it. Not on my radar. But yeah, this month’s is the easiest ever.

    1. Fair enough! Yeah I thought that considering people have struggle with the last few I would go easy on you all for a month!

    2. By the way that Lea Thompson interview I mentioned to you months ago finally came through. I posted it yesterday!

      1. Will get to it soon! Timely, with all those Back to the Future posts!

        1. It was a coincidence but a very happy one!

  2. It helped that a Paddington trailer has been on the show at my work last month so i got to see it every hour or so. Looks like you went for an easy one this month!

    1. Haha yeah that really would drill him into your mind!

      Yeah I figured I would be nice this month!

  3. OMG I finally got one. *Does happy dance*! Never would have gotten it without the clue though!

    1. Haha congratulations! Nobody would have though it seems!

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