Jane Got a Gun Reveals First Images

Natalie Portman Jane Got GunJane Got a Gun shakes off its troubled production with a fresh batch of new images…

There have seemingly been few films in recent years with such a troubled production as Jane Got a Gun. Actors like Michael Fassbender and Jude Law left the project early on, director Lynn Ramsay walked out during her first day on set and the film seems to have been on and off again for ages now. However it’s finally good news that’s being printed today for this production rather than bad as we get to see the first collection of stills from the upcoming Western.

The film now has a US release date set for November (although nothing for the UK as of yet) where we will see Natalie Portman enlisting Joel Edgerton to help defend her home after criminals shoot her husband full of lead and leave him for dead. Ewan McGregor has taken on the role of the head of the criminal gang which Jude Law left back in the early days of production.

Fingers crossed that this film is able to move on beyond its development hell and can stand on its own two feet when we finally see it at the end of the year. For now though you can check out the new images below…

Edgerton and Portman Jane Got a Gun  Portman Jane Got a Gun Gunmen Jane Got a Gun Fire Jane Got a Gun Edgerton Jane Got a Gun


  1. It’s about time! Thanks for the info.

    1. Haha isn’t it just!

  2. I love me a western, and Joel Edgerton has been coming on strong as of late. I like the look of this one.

    1. Yeah I’m a big fan of Westerns too and I like Edgerton quite a lot. I’m also interested in seeing what Portman and McGregor do with their roles.

  3. Very curious about this one. Despite all the changes, the cast is pretty awesome.

    1. Yeah it’s not half bad is it! I’ll be seeing it despite all of the changes as I’ve been interested in this one for so long.

      1. Yeah, same here. Hope it surprises everyone and is actually good!

        1. Yeah fingers crossed!

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