Scarlett Johansson Joins Ghost in the Shell

Scarlett Johansson Ghost in the ShellJohansson takes on another action role with adaptation of anime classic Ghost in the Shell

The internet has exploded this evening with the news that Johansson has been cast in this latest role. Some fans took to twitter to rage against the casting choice; to them the choice is obvious, unimaginative and more worryingly that it is a classic case of Hollywood whitewashing what should be an Asian role. On the other side of the fence though many took to twitter to express great excitement at the news; this was a perfect piece of news to them which may signal the material is about to get the adaptation treatment it has always deserved.

I too threw my thoughts about on twitter despite shamefully not really knowing anything about Ghost in the Shell other than that I should have acquainted myself with it a long time ago. No I was mostly interested in the news because it means that Johansson will be continuing to develop her action hero roles, which can only be good news. She is really proving herself in that mould with films like Lucy and Captain America: Winter Soldier under her belt, and the prospect of seeing her continue to pick out roles like that, alongside more unconventional choices like Under the Skin, makes her one of the most exciting actresses in Hollywood right now.

But what do you think?Are you excited about this casting choice? Is this a terrible case of whitewashing or will the film work perfectly well with Johansson cast? Let me know your opinion in the box below!


  1. I have to admit that I tried and failed to watch Ghost in the Shell,,,

    1. Well I haven’t even tried to yet, but I’m just excited to see Johansson in another action role!

  2. I don’t really see her in the role. She could and hopefully will surprise me but I haven’t seen this role in her to do.

    1. What is it about the role which makes you doubt the choice then? I really don’t have much idea as I don’t know the source material…

      1. Well I know plenty. Seen all the anime for it. What I don’t see her playing is a leader. Motoko Kusanagi the main character I am assuming she’ll play (they’ll probably change the name) is such a powerful and commanding presence that people only ever refer to her as Major, her official rank.

        Not sure if I can see Scarlett doing that. She is a good actress but closest I have seen to this role is Black Widow but that’s still way off. Widow is played more of an assassin who doesn’t really care, which works for the marvel Universe.

        I will hold my judgement until I see a trailer though. That’s my rule.

        1. Hmm interesting… I think he has the ability to play that role given the right crispy and team behind her. As you say the trailer should give us an idea if how well they’ve achieved that.

          1. Fingers crossed 😀

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