Erica Leerhsen Talks Magic in the Moonlight!

Erica-LeerhsenToday we have Erica Leerhsen in for a quick chat about her work on Magic in the Moonlight, the relationship she has built up with Woody Allen over the course of several films and also about her future upcoming projects! Read on for more…

Let’s talk Magic in the Moonlight; can you briefly tell us a little about your role and how you came to get the part?

Well, anytime Woody asks me to work for him I say yes!

Haha I can imagine! I’ve heard that Woody Allen can be rather quiet in terms of direction and notes, is that true and if so how did you approach playing the character?

Woody is fairly quiet yes. I just used the things I knew and had experience in when approaching the character. He (Woody Allen) often says ‘you do not have to say what I wrote. You can say it however you want. But this is what I’m trying to get across. Do not put anything into the words, because the words can be thrown away. What you’re thinking matters more’.

Also Woody plays all the time, working with him is great fun. As I said in another interview, the first thing he will tell you in the morning is a joke.

What was it like on set working with figures such as Colin Firth and Emma Stone? 

Colin and Emma are these huge movie stars, you cannot walk down the street with them, even in the south of France, without being harassed. But they are so caring.

We stayed in different places though; they (Stone and Firth) were in Vannes but because we all couldn’t fit into the hotel in Vannes, I was in a super amazing hotel called The Majestic in Cannes.

magic-in-the-moonlightI understand that you do your own stunts and that once you nearly got hit by a train doing one! Why do you choose to do these yourself?

I choose to do this myself because for me it’s a great feeling to see that you do your own stunts, though often they do go wrong!

Do you deliberately try to mix it up between films which requires stunts, horror films and quieter drama pieces like Moonlight?

Yes, I try to keep a blend of film roles. I think when you have a mixture of film genres and different scenes, you take away one thing with each of them.

What about your new short film Pacific Standard, what excited you about making that one?

We wanted to develop it into a resource, as opposed to a free short. But people really like the short and the script so it seems that the feature could very well happen. Plus I love producing and looking for ways to make a movie. The script was written by Markus Redmond and I love working with him as we are a great team together, so I cannot wait to make this film.

And when do you think we can expect to see Pacific Standard then?

You will have the opportunity to see it soon!

Sounds good! And finally, what else can we be looking out for you in the future then?

I have received many offers in the area of TV, so I could do more. At this time though what I want to do is check for more film roles, but there aren’t as many female roles in such films as there are male roles.

And that’s that. I hope you enjoyed this interview with Erica Leerhsen! Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box below.


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    1. Thanks for mentioning us, much appreciated!

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