So we’re getting another new Spider-Man…

Spider-Man… and the question everyone is asking is whether he will be black or white

If I’m honest my immediate reaction to this news was a big, disappointed sigh. I sighed because I really like Andrew Garfield in the role of Spider-Man, and also because it’s just a little tiring to have another recast only eight years after Spider-Man 3.

This recast has been prompted because the property has been handed back over to Marvel (who made the first three movies) from Sony who made the two Amazing Spider-Man films. I can appreciate that this is exciting news for many of the fans who haven’t been thrilled by the darker direction which the newer films have taken, although I personally rather enjoyed the change of tone that they presented.  What’s more interesting is that this handover enables Marvel to put Spidey in the upcoming Avengers films which is a character addition that, on the whole, I’m rather curious to see. Those films somehow seem to avoid over-stuffing themselves with superhero characters so hopefully the new addition won’t be an unwelcome plot-extender and it’ll be fun to see him interacting with heroes such as Thor, Captain America and Iron Man.

Now onto the race issue. Many comic book fans are now calling out for Marvel to provide us with a little diversity by giving us a character called Miles Morales rather than the Peter Parker who film fans know and love so well. Morales is a completely different person to Parker and he comes from a Hispanic and black background. He entered the comic books in 2011 after Parker had died in the Ultimate storyline where he then took up the mantle of wearing the Spider-Man outfit.

Now many people are calling for the new iteration of the hero to still be a white Parker but I’m voting for Miles Morales because if we have to get yet another Spider-Man then lets at least shake things up a little by changing the man underneath the suit. In effect we get a completely new character to explore but the studio executives still get a crowd pleasing and money spinning figure as they get to market the hell out of the spidy outfit.

But what do you think about this potential change? Do you want to keep Spider-Man as Peter Parker? Or are you looking to Morales or even perhaps a female Spidey? Whatever it is be sure to let me know in the box below!


  1. I’m glad that Spidey will be joining the Avengers but bummed because I LOVE Garfield in the role 😦 I hope they go with Morales instead of Parker, because if we can’t have Andrew, then let’s have someone from a totally different racial background. I like that. Donald Glover has been mentioned but omg please no.

    1. Yeah we seem to be on pretty much the same wave length. I wish Garfield didn’t have to go, he was so great in the role!

      1. I know. And Stone too! 😦 Oh well…

        1. Yeah I’m a big Stone fan so her leaving the franchise was a great loss in my eyes!

  2. I’m a fan of Andrew Garfield so it’s sad to see him go. He did get Emma Stone out of the deal so it ain’t so bad I guess. 😉 At the same time I’m excited to see Spider-Man joining the Marvel movies.

    1. Haha yeah he’s done alright hasn’t he!
      Yeah it should be good fun to throw him into the mix.

  3. Yes. Peter Parker is Spiderman. Miles Morales is a result of the long existing epidemic at Marvel. The modern writers simply lack the creativity of those who were working during the industries heyday. Good writers and creators could give us new characters with good angles built on their own foundations. But Marvel can do that these days.

    So their answer for adding diversity is simply take a popular established character and replace them with someone of a different race. To be honest I think its pathetic. I’m all for diversity in the Marvel U but how about an entirely new character built on his very own character and history. How about investing time in him or her and promoting them like they do their other characters? But for several years Marvel especially has relied on gimmicks to push stories. I mean they are getting ready to reboot their entire universe (like DC did). I have no problem with Miles Morales, but build him up as his own character. Don’t just put him in a suit made famous by someone else. And as someone who has read decades worth of Peter Parker stories, Peter Parker isn’t Spiderman. Spiderman is Peter Parker.

    Now I will slowly step off my soapbox. 😉

    1. Haha I her what you’re saying. I’m approaching this purely as a fan of the films without knowing any of the comics or their backstory. Mixing up Spider-Man in this way is an interesting way of shaking things up for all of those who are a little tired of the character on the big screen. But, I see your point. A completely original black hero would be better, if less likely to happen!

  4. Adding Spider-Man to The Avenger’s sounds interesting but I’d definitely like to see Miles Morales take over. A change of direction would definitely give me a reason to watch.

    1. Yeah I think it sounds like a genuinely iterating way to shake things up, but I haven’t read the comics so I know nothing about Morales. Have you read them?

      1. Afraid I haven’t, but we’ve seen so much of Peter Parker that I think a new character could give the story a well needed refresh. I did like Garfield though, so it will be a shame to see him go.

        1. Yeah I was a big fan of Garfield and Stone actually. It’s a shame to see the two of them leave the franchise.

          1. I agree. I think they were both let down by the quality of the last film.

          2. Neither of their films were perfect that’s for sure. If only they could have had Spider-Man 2!

  5. I still prefer bringing in Peter even if it’s a new actor. Parker is still the original Spider Man and I think he deserves to have an incarnation in the MCU. Once they do the reboot in a few years after Avengers 3 (Or possible recast instead) then it would be good to bring in Miles. I like Miles as a character, but I just prefer Peter a lot more.

    1. I don’t have an opinion on Morales but it’s interesting to hear that you much prefer the Parker character. I like Parker but I just think this is an interesting way of playing around with the screen iteration which we are getting somewhat familiar with!

      1. Well, I’ve read a bit of each, but Miles is a little too…smug for me. He doesn’t try to be very overconfident, but he comes across that way. He beat up Parker pretty badly in the recent crossover and he was not very apologetic about it even though it was really his fault at the time. The problem is that the writers wanted him to be a fan favorite character right away so they made him invincible a little too soon. Aside from his loss to Venom, he was curbstomping all of his opponents throughout his series and the author did everything he could to make him seem superior to Parker. It was all just a bit much if you ask me. I think they should add Miles, but not instead of Peter. They could just give Miles his own film or slowly start to introduce him by having his alter ego appear first and then we get some scenes for foreshadowing.

        1. Hmmm that doesn’t sound great… although I like your idea of slowly introducing him into that world whilst still following a Parker Spider-Man.

          1. Yeah, that way both fans can be happy. The universe definitely doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive and it could also be used to adapt the death of Parker. That was how Miles donned the uniform in the first place so the film could do that. Parker and Morales eventually meet up in the films and become friends. Then, if the films decide to have Peter Parker die, Miles will decide to take up the mantle. (Similar to Captain America and the Winter Soldier.) Well, either way, the MCU has been consistently good so if they do choose Miles over Peter, I’m confident that they will still do a pretty good job of making him a good lead.

          2. Yeah I don’t expect this to go particularly badly whichever one they go for because, as you say, they have been so consistent so far.

  6. I also have enjoyed the darker tones in Amazing Spider-man (though I wish the second one could have been a bit more organized). I don’t know where I fall in terms of recasting Spidey. As not the most avid reader of the comics, I think I’d prefer to have Peter again just for continuity’s sake. I’m kind of getting tired of everything having to be updated with a minority in a role, b/c sooner or later it’s going to happen so much that I’ll sound like a racist for having a different opinion on the matter (if that’s not true already). I’m sure Miles Morales would be interesting though.

    1. No I know exactly what you mean, some characters can be cast with a minority easier than others can and I think Spider-Man is one of the easier ones… that having been said it doesn’t mean it has to happen.i only favour the change of character as it would be something very different and hopefully interesting to the iterations we have seen before. Especially as it is a completely different character rather than just a race swap.

      1. Yeah I’m not totally opposed to the idea. I like that idea better than them casting a black James Bond.

        1. I’m really opposed to a black bond as I think it fundamentally changes the character, but that doesn’t apply to Parker.

          1. Yeah, great point. 🙂

  7. Kill ’em all!

    1. Haha a slightly extreme reaction!

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