Who’s That ? – March Edition

Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffanys!

There were actually a real mixture of guesses for this one including several people who went for Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, and I can see why! Congratulations though to this month’s eight winners:

Committed to Celluloid
Filmtruths Blog
Mediocre Batman
Ramblings of a Cinephile
Tranquil Dreams
Where the Wild Things Are
Wise the Simple

And now onto this month’s header. As always you need to be looking at the figure on the far left in either the picture below or the header above. Once you know who it is then just head on over to here and make your guess!

March 2015


  1. Haha! I was wayyy off the mark! Cheers dude for another cool one.

    1. Haha thanks Tom. Thank you for playing!

  2. Yes! I win again 🙂 Although I’m struggling with the new one.

    1. Nice one!
      It’s a tougher one this month to be sure…

  3. I have had a much better run of late. Although I am not sure about this week. Need to have a think.

    1. It’s a little tricky I have to say but I think you can get it!

  4. Hmmmm, I will have to think on this one for a little!

    1. It is a tough one, I suspect I may have to dish out some clues later this month as no one has it correct so far!

      1. Damn! WE WANT CLUES!

        The worst is it is still niggling me as it stirs something in my memory :/

        1. Well you have time to ponder it before I unleash the clues!

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