A ‘Who’s That?’ Clue…

I wouldn’t recommend going on holiday with this guy…

All month people have been telling me that they have no idea who this silhouetted figure could be and so, as promised, I’ve provided you all with a clue as to their identity. If no-one has managed to correctly identify the person in the next few days another clue shall be posted and so on and so forth until I get that first correct guess. So,

If you think you know who it is then just tap your guess out in the form below!


  1. Can’t wait to actually find out who this is. . . I have no earthly idea!

    1. Haha, it is a tough one! Although somebody has now guessed correctly after this clue…

  2. Yeah… no…

    1. Haha it is tricky but I can’t give out any more clues now that someone has guessed it!

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