Mad Max: Tom Hardy Wants More Movies…

Mad-Max-Fury-Road-Gets-New-Trailer-and-It-s-Absolutely-Insane-Video-467148-2Hardy is set to get madder than ever…

It’s just over a month now until Max is going to be returning to our big screens, and I for one am really excited to see what Hardy has done with the iconic role. What I wasn’t bargaining for quite so soon was that I would be seeing him take on the franchise in not just a sequel, or even a second sequel but in another three films. It seems a little over the top if you ask me, but then again nothing is set in stone quite yet.

Hardy himself has admitted that although they have several storylines in mind whether they go ahead on them is directly related to how well Fury Road does in the box office next month. The follow up films were written/conceived in order to better understand the story they were telling in this year’s film. Director George Miller told Comic Con last year that ‘in order to tell this story, we came up with two others. We’ve written the screenplay of one and the novelization of another, but it’s a very rough novel’.

It’s hard to say whether or not I’m excited about this until we have all seen Fury Road. As I said before I’m excited to see what Hardy has done with Max and what angle the new film(s) will take on the story but what about you? What do you think about there being lots more Max in the works? Let me know in the comment box below!


  1. I need to refresh my memory with the Mad Max movies. I think already planning sequels is a step too far, they should see how this one is received and then consider it.

    1. You should! Or at least the first two…

      Yeah it’s rather silly, we will just have to see how Fury Road goes and judge then.

      1. I remember the first film being a bit of a slow burner and the second one ramping up the ante.

        1. Yeah the first is calmer but it’s still pretty insane and the stunts are great! The second is bigger and in many ways better.

          1. I’m definitely revisiting them when I get the chance. Sorry I haven’t been on your blog lately, I’ll definitely be around here more often.

          2. No problem! I need to be more active too, just been very busy recently.

          3. I understand man, you’re always welcome on my blog anytime.

          4. As are you my friend!

          5. Thanks man, always appreciate hearing from you.

  2. I say: one film at a time, Tom! Don’t be overeager.

    1. Haha that’s probably good advice!

  3. I haven’t seen the originals, so Fury Road will be my first glimpse into Max. REALLY excited for that one, though. Looks amazing.

    1. It certainly looks good, you’ll have to catch the first two films if you like FR!

      1. Yeah, I think I will check them out! Just saw the trailer for FR and got even more excited!

        1. Haha it is an insane trailer!
          The first is pretty calm compared to FR!

    1. Thanks for sharing!

  4. theipc · · Reply

    Well, I’ve seen It Follows twice and seen two new trailers for Fury Road before both of them and soiled the seats around me twice so I say YES!

    1. Haha! Let’s hope it is as good as we think it will be!

  5. I always want to see more Tom Hardy but I guess it will depend on how Fury Road comes out. The original films were a mixed bag. The second one was great but the other two weren’t.

    1. Yeah I really like the first two but not so much the last two.
      It all really depends on how good Fury Road is as you say.

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