Rumour Has It Gosling is in Talks for Blade Runner Sequel…

goslingGosling will star opposite original star Harrison Ford…

Wow… today has been a busy one for film fans. We’ve had the new Star Wars trailer drop, The Hateful Eight released its first teaser, there are rumours that Angelina Jolie will be directing the new Captain Marvel movie and now we hear that Ryan Gosling is apparently in final talks to join the Blade Runner sequel.

It’s funny, this is the second time today when a piece of news has improved my stance towards a new Harrison Ford film. The new Star Wars trailer has converted me into an excited child (against my better judgement) and now that I’m hearing that Gosling may well be starring in the new Blade Runner film I have relaxed my reservations against the project just a little. Now I say just a little because I still have some pretty big issues with the concept of the sequel, primarily I don’t see any reason as to why the world needs another Blade Runner film, let alone one which will inevitably ruin the mystery of whether Deckard was human or replicant by casting Ford in a role. However given that such a project is going ahead it’s good to see that they are looking to one of the most talented actors out there today.

Currently nothing is known about what role Gosling will play in the film so all we can do is speculate. What kind of a role do you see him taking on in that world? If he is going to be playing a replicant then I fully approve of the casting choice as he is a versatile actor who can bring great sensitivity as well as a malicious and violent side depending upon what the role calls for.

But what do you think of the casting choice? Be sure to have your say in the comment box below!



  1. Not excited for a Blade Runner sequel and not the biggest Gosling fan out there. Not a SW fan, as you know, and The Hateful Eight teaser is the same one that leaked months ago, so it’s a meh day for me! haha

    1. Haha yeah I really isn’t much of a day at all is it for you! Haha

      1. It passed and I’m still alive and well. Looking forward to the release of the Batman v Superman teaser, in whole and in acceptable resolution!

        1. Haha yeah it will be good to see it properly!

  2. I can’t say that I’m either ecstatic or concerned about a sequel to Blade Runner. I need to still watch the original!!!! Hahah. (Am I the only one in that boat? Hope not.)

    I do like them choosing Ryan Gosling though, I share your feelings about him being one of the more talented actors out there today. He’s really quite great.

    And. . .meh, the new Star Wars could be really cool but Im with Fernando there I’m not super into that universe. I’ll still see it though. I think the most exciting part about that project is all the anticipation. Theaters will be absolutely crazy during that time.

    1. Yeah. I think I’ll inevitably see it, especially since my bf is such a fan. The theaters will definitely be packed. I think it’ll break all kinds of records.

      1. Fo sho

    2. My friend you need to see the original!! Regardless of what you think of it you will at least have seen it then!

      Anticipation and excitement Is going to be going through the roof!

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