The New Star Wars Trailer has Landed!

And R2-D2 isn’t the only familiar face…

OK it’s official. Any ability to hold back my excitement about the latest Star Wars film has now completely failed. I know I had reservations that the film’s won’t do the original ones justice, I wasn’t convinced that we don’t need to catch up with Han, Leia and Luke after so many years have passed and I certainly wasn’t sold on the premise that the world needed to see another Star Wars film ever again after the prequels. But all of my reservations have been swept aside now and I (perhaps foolishly) have fully committed to the excitement which has been brewing inside me for the last few months.

After having seen the latest trailer my childhood was so strongly evoked by the music, the familiar sights, the appearance of old friends… I’m not going to say any more on the off chance that you haven’t yet seen the trailer. Watch it. Watch it now. It’s right below this paragraph so drop what you’re doing and hit play and then I’ll see you in the theaters in December.

Here’s the trailer:


  1. Awesome! So exciting! Can’t wait!!!!!! 🙂

    1. Isn’t it just!!

  2. Shit’s gettin real!

    1. Haha it certainly is!

  3. Up until now, I had been debating with myself whether I should see these new movies. After seeing the trailer, I can certainly say I’m at the very least curious about where they plan to go with this. It’s also interesting to see a franchise revival where for once you’re glad the original creator ISN’T on board.

    One thing I can give the trailer for is it seems like they are trying to diversify the cast a bit more. It seems like we’ve got a strong female protagonist, plus Leia presumably in a supporting role and a few other actresses whose roles have not yet been revealed. Along with at least one other friend, I’ve noticed that the villain (at least, I presume it’s the villain) is always shown masked and seems to have a fairly androgynous body. I also know Gwendoline Christie is somewhere in the film but her character’s identity has yet to be revealed. Putting two and two together we’ve been wondering about the possibility that we might finally have a female Sith Lord this time around.

    1. Haha yeah you’re right it is interesting that we are all so happy not to have him sitting in the director’s seat!

      That’s not a bad guess at all. Her height could help give us a clue as well if we see a shot where it’s possible to roughly gauge the villain’s height…

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