Don’t Look Now is Being Remade…

Don't Look Water… and it’ll be by the production team behind Liam Neeson’s Non-Stop.

So this is somewhat upsetting news. I don’t like to do a news post about every remake that’s in the works, not only because if I did I would find myself writing about little else, but also because in principal reinvention is no bad thing and for all the unimaginative remakes out there there are also plenty which are inventive and interesting. However, despite my general convictions, every instinct in my body cries out against a remake of Don’t Look Now.

I’m not sure exactly how to describe the revulsion I feel for this project. Perhaps it is because the film is one of my all time favourite films and I consequently feel possessive of it, as if the act of remaking the film was a physically harmful one which would injure the original film. However Alien, Jaws and Psycho, which are three other horror films that I hold in very high esteem, have all had their fair share of remakes and spin-offs, none of which have damaged the original’s power.

Perhaps then it’s because the film is so unique in the way that it weaves its spell over the audience. The collective power of the editing, atmosphere and symbolism builds a unique world which seems to defy the notion of a sequel, of commercialism. Unlike Jaws, Don’t Look Now doesn’t leave any possibility open for a sequel but stands fiercely as an independent and pioneering example of the horror film. Maybe it is because of just how unique and otherworldly it feels that I am drawn to decry a re-imagining before any cast members have been cast, even before a writer has been attached.

dontlooknow-682_1247108aIn my eyes the best shot at success which this remake has is for it to focus on the original Du Maurier novel and try to avoid replicating anything which makes the original film so iconic and unique. If it can do that then they stand a chance of making a film which has some level of intrigue and power. However given that the producers’ (Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman) credits include Scream 2 and Non-Stop, it’s hard to have faith that these are the guys  who are perfect matches for the source material.

But maybe I’m being too harsh… be sure to let me know what you think about all of this in the comment box below!


  1. Ridiculous! I’m not even bothered about most remakes – live and let live and all that jazz – but this a film that will never, ever work again. They’ll turn it into something regular and boring rather than the hugely strange and effective film it was (and is).

    I don’t even know what that Liam Neeson film is, but judging by its title and the fact it stars Liam Neeson…..well I don’t hold much hope for this remake 😦

    (nothing against Liam Neeson, he’s just been in a lot of OAP action films recently)

    1. I completely agree! It seems like a doomed attempt from the start.

      Yeah the Neeson film is pretty generic looking, just Taken but on an aeroplane!

      1. Ohhhhhhh I’m aware of the film you mean and I think I was laughing just at the (unintentional) hilarity in the trailer.

        Not good!!!!!

        Plus I doubt they’ll be a ‘real’ sex scene in the remake!!

        1. Yeah, it looked pretty generic despite Neeson and Moore being in it!

          Yeah I VERY much doubt it! God only knows what the dwarf would be like in a modern, CGI world.

          1. Oh god no!!!! CGI dwarf 😦 😦 😦

          2. Isn’t that just the most horrendous prospect!

          3. Scarier than the dwarf!!! (if you know what I mean haha)

          4. Haha I do know what you mean!

  2. They’re really running out of ideas. Don’t Look Now is a classic. I don’t think a remake could capture the strangeness and creepiness of the original.

    1. I seriously doubt it could come even close to the original. It’s such a masterpiece…

  3. Why? Why? Why? Why remake this? It will be ruined by CGI effects and over production. Who is ever going replace Julie Christie? I’m banging my head.

    1. Haha I know what you mean! Surely the new film can’t even touch the original!

      1. Not in a million years. Some films age so well they get better and better. It’s simply lazy thinking to try and do it again. Of course, most audiences won’t even know there was an original.

        1. Yeah and that’s the most depressing thing, that most won’t know of the original…

  4. I really need to see the original!

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