Who’s That ? – May Edition


Chappie from Chappie!

So Leo DiCaprio proved tricky for you back in March but in April a few more of you managed to recognise this famous robot! Hopefully you’ll all enjoy trying to place this month’s famous figure, or should I say figures…. Before we get to that though let’s all congratulate those who guessed Chappie correctly:

Cinema Parrot Disco
Committed to Celluloid
Digital Shortbread
Drew’s Movie Reviews
Flights, Tights and Movie Nights
The Marckoguy
Marked Movies
Ramblings of a Cinephile
Where the Wild Things Are
Wise the Simple

And now onto this month’s header. As always you need to be looking at the figure on the far left in either the picture below or the header above. Once you know who it is then just head on over to here or fill out the form below in order to make your guess!


  1. From ambiguous (Leo) to obvious (Chappie).

    1. Haha you say that and yet I had many guesses which weren’t correct for Chappie!

      1. Well Chappie at least has a unique look

        1. That’s very true. With Leo you had to recognise the poster to get it.

  2. Yay! Did it again 🙂 And I think I got this month’s as well.

    1. Nice work my friend!

  3. Abbi · · Reply

    Finally I appear to be on some kind of roll and I think I have a not completely insane guess for this month.

    1. Excellent news!

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