Exclusive Interview: Alia Raelynn Talks Misogynist

Today we have actress Alia Raelynn in to chat about her role in the new indie film Misogynist. Alia plays the role of an oppressed and regularly degraded woman who a misogynist sex guru parades around as an example of how women like to be hurt. It’s a tough role to play in a film which has to draw a careful fine line between displaying acts of misogyny but not endorsing them. Here’s Alia with her thoughts on playing such a put upon and complex character…

Hello Alia, thanks for sitting down with me today! How are you?

Of course, anytime. I’m doing very well, thank you.

First of all can you tell the readers a little about Misogynist and about your role within it?

Well can I sum it up by saying it’s a twisted dramatic thriller? Ha. The film centers around our lead character Trevor, the strongly persuasive womanizing guru and his toy protégé Harrison.

And what was the key thing which initially drew you to the project Alia?

I am a sucker for a challenge! Call me odd but I thoroughly enjoy deep, heavy minded, perfectly complex characters. Anytime I can look at a role and say ‘how the hell do I do this’, that’s when I jump at the opportunity. I love pushing the limits and my capability as an actor. The heavier the better.

Your character is an interesting one to tackle, how did you prepare for the different aspects of the role?

This was hard because I’ve always been strong willed and haven’t had an experience that comes close to this character in which to draw from. It came down to the purest form of acting, truly imagining what it would be like to live in Cheryl’s shoes. Asking myself, what happened in her life to being her to this broken state? I believe some of the best growth of an actor is what happened on set. I learned quite a great deal about Cheryl in the moment, at times surprising myself.

misogynist StillAnd did you have any concerns going into the project regarding how the ‘classroom scenes’ were going to be handled?

No. First of all I like doing my own stunts so I guess I was totally down for being thrown around and tossed off things. I trust Michael and knew that he would never put me in a situation that would make me feel unsafe. Crazy situations sure, but never unsafe.  I think really pushing the limits within a scene and getting out of your comfort zone, can only add to your character. When you are really living the movement during “action” it brings you to a different place and heightens the level, that’s what I live for as an actor.

We don’t really get a vocal female perspective on those scenes within the film, what do you think Cheryl was thinking when she was being disrespected and used?

As you stated before, Cheryl is a complex character. The way she thinks is almost a little backwards I guess. She finds safety in Trevor though he disrespects her, which is unusual. Knowing that she is greatly mistreated by him, there is a safety he offers her. There is a safe haven with what he provides for her. She finds protection in him, guidance and almost a leadership. How distorted is that, right?!  He such a strong character but Cheryl is a strong character too. She stands up to him and talks a little shit (if I can say that), so she disrespects him as well. They end up having this back and forth relationship but, being the alpha, Trevor will always end up having his way. So when she’s in these moments with him she finds a way to say it’s going to be OK because of that protection she feels being around him. He chooses her and she is not alone with him.

When you first took a look at Michael’s script what was your initial reaction to the misogyny of the male characters? Does it strike you as a realistic depiction of certain male attitudes?

Well when I first looked at it I thought, this is crazy, this is seriously crazy, I could never imagine letting myself be treated like this. How can women let this happen to them or let men control them this way. Does it strike me as realistic? Yes I mean we’ve all seen Jerry Springer right? But as a whole I’d like to believe anyway that the majority of men out there are truly good people and believe in a 5o/5o relationship, when it comes to the male vs. the female. I believe in chivalry so I would hope that most men out there treat women with much due respect and vice versa.

And finally Alia, what else have you got in the works which we should keep our eyes open for?

I have a sci-fi thriller web series that will be out later this year called Star Seed that has a very large twist at the end. It’s a very interesting show to say the least.  I’ve also been dabbling within the comedic realm (shocker) and have a couple projects in the works but unfortunately cannot release titles at this time.

Excellent, well we will be looking out for them. Thanks again for chatting with me!

This has been a blast, thank you for your time!

And that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed this chat with Alia Raelynn. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment box below!

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  1. Well done. Have to watch this for sure now.

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